Mideast Dispatch Archive

July 2017

Sunday Times removes “anti-Semitic” article (& Iranian TV presenter caught drinking beer)
British Islamist leader: Grenfell Tower victims “were murdered” by British Zionists
Bibi and Modi frolic in the Med, as the Indian-Israeli love affair deepens
My aunt had a dinner party, and then she took her guests to kill 180 Jews (& “Please look after this bear”)

June 2017

Women’s rights and ties with Israel likely to improve after “soft coup” in Riyadh
Trump: what kind of a BBC headline about an ISIS attack on Israel is this?
London’s Muslim mayor to consult Israel on fighting terror (& Never too late to say sorry)
Neither ‘losers,’ ‘nihilists,’ nor ‘sick cowards’ – but rather believers and idealists
Revealed: “Last Secret” of 1967 War: Israel’s doomsday plan for nuclear weapons display
“For the crime of self-preservation, Israel remains a nation unforgiven”
Norway, Denmark, UN, push back after PA pays over $1bn to terrorists (& “Love is Great. Britain”)

May 2017

In a first, Trump may fly directly from Saudi to Israel (& An unprecedented royal welcome)
New York Times writer makes furious attack on “preposterous” Haaretz
Video Dispatch 33: Bernie Sanders slams BDS on Al Jazeera (& Are you afraid of flying?) (& Yiddish in Mongolia)
Hamas’ “moderate rebranding” fools some media, while on the ground it becomes more militant
Revealed 50 years on: What Elie Wiesel wrote about the Six Day War (& “anti-Semitic UNESCO”)

April 2017

Significant differences between Trump’s and Obama’s Yom HaShoah messages
French Jews nervous by ‘anti-Semitic far-left’ surge (& Can Trump deliver two state solution?)
Rare respect in the UK for the victim of a Palestinian terror attack
The “activist” who organized a restaurant attack and the murder of girls at a bat mitzvah
Enforcing Obama’s red line (& The media has long covered up for Assad)
Incitement to murder Israelis displayed with Booking.com and supermarket bakery ads
Yet more calls to kill Jews at a “moderate” American-partnered university
“We call it diplomacy, minister” (and what would Churchill and Thatcher think?)

March 2017

Israeli warplanes hold joint exercise with UAE (& “Mossad turned French spies into double agents”)
Israeli-American teen arrested for wave of bomb threats against U.S. Jews (& “Tomb of Jesus reopens”)
“The Israelization of anti-Semitism” (& Turkish anti-Semitism during Dutch protests)
Saudi media claim: “Hamas moves closer to approving 1967 borders” (& 400,000 Turks threat)
Saudi police beat transgender women to death (& Israelis go to the funeral of a woman they never met)

February 2017

350 percent increase in Israeli female combat troops (& Iraq’s hipsters declare war on poor dress sense)
With foreign policy, is Trump playing a classic game of good cop, bad cop?
Trump firmly condemns anti-Semitism (& EU-trained guards caught whipping Africans)
“Saying ‘We invented the cellphone and have a great record on gays’ doesn’t explain Jewish rights to live in Hebron”
Japan $27b, Israel $3b: Dispelling the myth that Israel is the largest beneficiary of US military aid
Former Huffington Post and Al Jazeera writer: I’ve changed my mind on a Palestinian state
Saudi Journalist: The Palestinians are no longer our primary concern (& Assad welcome, Trump not?)
How Israel’s tech firms are quietly doing business in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states
Kuwait bans citizens of 5 Arab states (& Obama’s ambassador supports Jerusalem embassy move)

January 2017

“In Spain he is known as El Coco, a ghost with a pumpkin head”
“It happens nearly every night” (& Israel to take in 100 Syrian orphans)
Art lover Angela Merkel, alternate facts, & shamefully misusing Anne Frank
Leaders in Middle East and beyond say they are ‘optimistic’ about Trump’s rule
Ahead of Paris conference, Fatah and Hamas hold rallies to celebrate murder of young Israelis
Showing solidarity at the Brandenburg Gate this evening
Rafsanjani, the western media’s mythical ‘moderate’ (& US approves huge uranium transfer to Iran)
Five young victims (& the UN’s surprisingly strong condemnation)
“It’s only three days to the beheading and I’ve got no idea what to wear”

December 2016

“A vote against peace” (& “More Catholic than the Pope”)
Video: Bahrain King hosts Hannukah ceremony, this year with dancing
ADL and Trump unite to condemn Obama for anti-Israel move
Senior UK politician calls for UK to join US in moving embassy to Jerusalem
“To the best of my ability, which is terrific by the way”
U.S. asks Israel to take in Guantanamo inmate (& Snowden claims UK spies on Israel)
Austria far-right may win presidency today, seen as proof of failure to address Nazi past
Concerns about the Alt-Right (and Alt-Left)
East Aleppo’s last clown, RIP (& Arabs donate wood to rebuild burned synagogue)

November 2016

Abbas orders Palestinian flags be flown at half-mast for Castro (& CNN apologizes)
Sheikh Qaradawi retracts Fatwa encouraging Palestinian suicide attacks
Israel on fire: Russia, Greece and Turkey rush firefighting planes to help, as some Arabs celebrate
Hamas leader says Trump may be a Jew
Pakistan birther theory: Trump was born Muslim (& Michael Moore: “Trump voters are not racist”)
I’m a Muslim, female immigrant and voted for Trump (& Turkey issues travel warning to U.S.)
Trump’s Israel advisors likely to usher in era of improved US-Israel ties

October 2016

British MP: Parliament needs to apologize to Israel and the Jews (& when anti-Zionism becomes anti-Semitism)
UNESCO is a “diplomatic version of Isis” (& “Let’s be clear: anti-Semitism is a hate apart”)
Bystanders to Genocide (& Why some wars get more attention than others)
How Peres faced down the generals and pacifists to build Israel’s nuclear program
Is it really the position of the White House that Rabin and Peres are not buried in Israel?

September 2016

Shimon Peres: president, prime minister, philosopher
Donald Trump's record on Jewish and Israeli issues
“Are the half million slaughtered Syrians helped by your condemnation of Israel?”
“The little man, walking into the little booth, with a little pencil” (& “Life during wartime”)
UK ambassador to Saudi completes Hajj after conversion to Islam (& a leader too radical for IS)
The Return of Russia as the US and EU take a “holiday from history” (& KGB agent Abbas)
The amazing Waad Al-Kateab
Belgium govt. tolerance adviser: Israel is Isis’s twin (& Trump’s feelings land Israeli startup $3m)

August 2016

Vladimir Putin writes
The CIA on day Israel was attacked: “The Arabs do not seem bent on starting hostilities”
Israel’s new man in New York
Olympic security asks female Iranian fan to drop sign (& Tehran hangs teenage boy for being gay)
Hamas exposes Western falsehoods about Gaza in important new video
Syrian teen who saved 18 lives, wins Olympic heat (& Facebook snubs Israeli Olympic team)

July 2016

No, they are trying to kill you
US and UK politicians: Israel behind European terror attacks; Germany’s first suicide bomb
In Nice, a familiar form of terror (but ignored when Israelis were victims)
Theresa May dines with Chief Rabbi on eve of becoming UK Prime Minister (& her speech on Israel)
Drawing attention to Mihail Sebastian’s “invaluable” work
African countries (including Muslim ones) significantly strengthen ties with Israel (& an amusing speech)
“After Brexit, Britain suddenly becomes European”
“A superhuman feat that no country has managed to emulate” (& Idi Amin’s son: I want to apologize)
Elie Wiesel RIP: “And the World Remained Silent”

June 2016

Harvard Professor: Britain’s “lunatic referendum formula isn’t democracy”
Welcome to Outstria, Beljump, Retireland, Quitaly, Portugo...
Orlando: “The Jews did it”… “But it’s ok because the victims were gay” (& the dangers of Brexit)
Homeoerotic literature popular in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu for 1000 years
Gay grandson of Hamas founder granted political asylum in U.S. (& BBC conspiracy theories)
Ex-Mossad agent: “It goes without saying that there was someone on the inside providing information”
Some former students of Bernard’s refer to him as “the Imam.” I know just what they mean.
Bernard Lewis at 100: Defying conventional wisdom, being proved right

May 2016

“Relax, Lieberman won’t bomb Egypt… He’s a pragmatist and he’s harmless”
100 years on, the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Jon Stewart and Joe Biden all agree…
Aryeh’s violin: The Improbable Happiness of Israelis (& Turkish brawl as MPs beat up Kurds)
How British leftists omitted Jews from the list of Holocaust victims
Haaretz: The British Left can’t tackle anti-Semitism if it doesn’t want to understand it

April 2016

Khamenei praises Shylock, while Israel helps millions not to get malaria in India
Passover greetings by Putin and Obama compared
How Islam created Europe (& Have humans always gone to war?)
“To admit that would leave many westerners disoriented and lost”
What ceasefire? Iranian-trained sniper kills last doctor in besieged Syrian town (& Israel’s daring Syrian rescue mission)
UK government stops funding mainstream charities promoting anti-Semitism, but still pays killers
Start Up Nation, or East Germany? -- “A severe self-inflicted blow to the Israeli economy”
Israel’s West Bank policy choices, as Abbas refuses to negotiate

March 2016

Brussels attacks: Will the EU now stop funding groups that promote terrorism? (& Trump wows AIPAC)
Guardian runs pieces criticizing left-wing anti-Semitism but fails to note its own role
Europe, this weekend (& The Holocaust and Jewish identity)
A Batman movie? (& Obama praises “very” honest Putin, but criticizes Cameron)
France awards Legion d’Honneur to Saudi leader, as another Saudi liberal is sentenced to 2000 lashes
That depends on the meaning of the word “moderate”

February 2016

Video: Raif Badawi’s wife pleads with the world not to forget her husband
Trump’s hostile takeover gathers pace (& Sanders’ conspiracy theorist advisor)
“Does anyone in the Arab world care what is happening in Israel?” (& Iranian poet applies for asylum in Israel)
Samantha Power: “UN bias has extended well beyond Israel as a country to Israel as an idea”
How Bernie Sanders’ socialist ideas were developed on the kibbutz
“Aleppo will be a stain on our conscience forever” (& Iran releases photos of U.S. sailors crying)
No one asks me if I’m pro-Kenya (where I was born)

January 2016

Revealed: US and UK broke Israeli encryption codes, have been spying on Israel for past 18 years
Snow White banned in Qatar (& Cologne sex attacks: “They were wearing perfume”)
The Islamic State: An Interim Status Report
George Weidenfeld: A marvellous conversationalist who befriended them all
Syria: The Case For U.S. Ground Forces (& Gruesome pictures of Assad’s starvation of Sunni Arabs)
“That I was a part of her, and she protected me” (& Tel Aviv terrorist killed)
“Perhaps I am being too kind to Kerry?” (& Revolt of the Politically Incorrect)
Media ignore fact an Arab judge sent an Israeli PM to jail (& Israeli party leaders argue who is most pro-gay)

December 2015

Mohammed: “Surrender (i.e. convert to Islam) and you will be safe” (& “President Edward Snowden”?)
Pakistan now has the world’s fast growing nuclear arsenal -- and how Mossad tried to stop it
Obama’s former Defense Sec. Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me (& more Holocaust denial)
“Negotiate With ISIS” (But “does God compromise”?)
King of Bahrain hosts Chanukah celebration, while Obama compares Chanukah to Star Wars movie
Some Yiddish comedy (& Yo, Yo, Yo Bro… Gangsta Chanukah)

November 2015

“Was IS displeased by what its supporters did in Paris?” (& 5 murdered in Israel)
Video: Rally today at western government-funded university in support of Islamic terrorism
Israel haters make Holocaust comparisons (& Luxury in the West Bank)
As Netanyahu meets Obama today, he is now to the left of Yitzhak Rabin
Muslims pray at Ben Gurion Airport while Jew almost lynched on plane
IDF warns soldiers of increased recruitment attempts by CIA; Putin increases charm offensive

October 2015

Former Iranian President: Yes we want nukes (& In the wake of the J.K. Rowling letter)
“What kind of a national movement unleashes 13-year-olds to do its dirty work?” (& A letter to The Guardian)
Video Dispatch 32: Bibi to BBC: “Are we living on the same planet?” (& other videos)
Incitement to kill
“Hung up on Israel: An explanation for the sincere” (& New Al-Quds rally tomorrow)
Who was waiting in ambush for whom? (& “Mossad planned stampede”)
Postscript: Murder
“But Vladimir… you promised!”

September 2015

Egypt, welcomed at the UN, “now second only to North Korea as jailer of peaceful political opponents”
So which nation is the U.S. not sworn to defend? Albania? Slovenia? Philippines? Iceland? Argentina?
UK Muslim leader: Grand Mosque collapse “a blessing in disguise” (& Israelis save Syrian refugees off Greek coast)
Saudi Arabia’s 100,000 unused air-conditioned tents denied to refugees; will build 200 new mosques in Germany instead
An interview with one of the favorites to lead the Mossad (& Israel allows Vanunu to speak openly about nukes)
The West’s supremacy is a relatively new phenomenon in historical terms. Will it last?
TV “told not to broadcast images of refugee children” (& Norway’s anti-Semitic credit card)

August 2015

UNRWA: ‘Run over Jews’ (& Washington Post: Gaza’s spin classes, fine dining, private beaches)
The Palestinian Museum to open on 15 May 2016 (& Muslim elected president of J Street U)
Dilemma for Israel boycotters as scientists make HIV breakthrough (& The Palestinian case against BDS)
Married by a woman: A quiet Palestinian revolution (& Donald Trump’s Jewish family)
Will Nagasaki remain the last nuclear bombed city in history? The Iran question.
“I will always remember where I was when Cecil The Lion was killed” (By “Mohammed,” a Syrian war refugee)

July 2015

“And yet, no one seems to know who’s running it” (Nothing since the triumph of the Vandals in Roman N. Africa...)
Above a children’s store called Mummy & Me (& Jon Stewart: “Sounds like a good partner for peace”)
“You know, 2 Jews, 3 opinions. Here you have 8 million Jews, almost one opinion”
Two Israelis held captive by Hamas in Gaza (& Vienna’s sex trade sizzles during Iran talks)
The true winner in Syria: Iran (& The worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history)

June 2015

“A good deal is no longer possible” (& Islamists bomb leprosy hospital) (& Mariah Carey at the wall)
You can’t get married if you’re dead (& Now they are beheading Al-Qaeda)
No hope of escape: the most repulsive video ever shot in a swimming pool (& NYT act out mass killings at work)
Film, pop and TV stars dismiss Israel boycott calls (& Saudi journalist: attack Iran, open Israeli Embassy in Riyadh)
Cry freedom (& new Egyptian TV drama shows Jews as normal people)
After Abbas, an abyss (& The coming nuclear civil war in Iran?) (& Water miracles)

May 2015

AFP, AP correct Pope/Abbas story (& “Why Islam doesn’t need a reformation”)
No, the pope did not call Abbas an “angel of peace”: How the NY Times, BBC and many others got it wrong
When Iran, Israel, and Turkey worked together (& The novel, that enchanting beast)
Saudi Arabia: We are considering nukes to contain Iran (& Miliband’s cousin in Tel Aviv: I probably wouldn’t have voted for him)
Hamas uses three bulldozers to destroy Gaza mosque, western media doesn’t care
Muslim female doctor: “To save Islam, Muslim children must learn truth about the Shoah” (& “Sorry, Charlie”)

April 2015

Israel’s secret cooperation with Hamas revealed (& Khamenei: Obama “oppresses” blacks)
IS cartoon shows Obama beheaded by Jihadi John (& leading Israeli-Arab: Holocaust is unparalleled)
“Next 9/11 will be caused by hackers, not suicide bombers” (& Belsen, 70 years on)
“Iran is America’s new Iraq” (& ISIS beheads a Hamas leader in Syria)
Some fear “It may be the most catastrophic decision in human history”

March 2015

A serious breach of decades’ old understandings
Bibi’s Israeli opposition rally round him as Obama goes on the warpath against Israel
Why the media always get Israeli elections wrong (& Indian PM congratulates Bibi in Hebrew)
Iran now on Israel’s border, may soon test new government
“For the Israelis, anti-Semitism is merely a nightmare. For the Palestinians, it’s a catastrophe.”
“My ten months with Isis” (& thrown from the rooftops)

February 2015

Video dispatch 30: How to play chess when you’re an ISIS prisoner (& Escape from Boko Haram)
#GenerationKhilafah. (It’s more dangerous than you might think)
Copenhagen Imam on day before attack, called for violence against Jews
Nothing random here
Why ISIS murders (& Pushed to his death for being gay)

January 2015

A remarkable photo (& blaming the Jews for anti-Semitism)
“I came out of hell”
King Abdullah, a feminist? Don’t make me laugh
“Je suis Raif Badawi” (& Lebanese writer: “We are all ISIS”)
Paris terror mentor’s wife lives for free on UK govt benefits (& Muslim saved Jews during supermarket siege)
The future of free speech?
Number of suicide bombings worldwide doubles in 2014 but none in Israel (& The Guardian hails Israeli president)
Israeli NGO files war crimes charges against Palestinian leaders (& “Netanyahu to hang”)

December 2014

Islamic preacher: Jews should be allowed on Temple Mount (& CIA advice for spies)
Israeli products in Syria, but not in Oakland (& the end of beauty salons in Gaza?)
Oxfam helped fund “performance artist” who defecated on Israeli flag (& top Mossad honor)
Australian who abused Jewish children sentenced to read Primo Levi (& “There is no Plan B”)
Iconic Mideast photo was staged (& Iran targets Adelson’s casinos)
Could soccer save Palestine by moving the World Cup to Gaza?

November 2014

Jordanian MPs hold moment of silence for synagogue terrorists, UN teacher calls the attack “wonderful”
CNN calls the attacked synagogue “a mosque”
The BBC: You can’t show that picture!
Blatant BBC online anti-Semitism (& Iran proposes lashing dog-owners)
Jordan bans Halloween for being “Satanic and homosexual” (& Haaretz stands by 9/11 cartoon)

October 2014

BDS activists put severed pig’s head in Kosher section (& Iran hangs rape victim)
Cemeteries in the sky (& UK paper suggests Jews spread Ebola?)
Iran: CIA, MI6 and Mossad “created ISIS” (& Inside Assad’s torture chambers)
Video dispatch 29: “Fighting terror by day, supermodels by night” (& Sign of the times)
“Arab civilization has collapsed. It won’t recover in my lifetime.”

September 2014

BBC presenter mimics Israeli spokesperson (& Mossad reaches out to new candidates)
Israel delivers aid to Iraqi refugees (& Lady Gaga: Media is wrong on Israel)
AP: Gaza is thriving again (& Turkish govt fines Kurdish TV for showing Holocaust film, The Pianist)
“Why journalists say Israeli-Arab reporting is ‘rigged’”
AP’s ex-Jerusalem bureau chief responds (& Voyeurism on the Golan)
“Good to meet you, bro”: A poetic tribute to James Foley
The abandoned freelance journalists trying to report the world’s worst war, Syria

August 2014

NY Times correspondent used picture of Yasser Arafat as his Facebook profile photo
Ex-AP Jerusalem correspondent: How the AP (and others) covered up the truth to make Israel look bad
Israel’s record on civilian casualties compares well to America?s (& One cheer for the Pope)
Hamas admits intimidating foreign press but NY Times correspondent disputes it (& UK shop removes kosher food for fear of attack)
Hamas’ (and the BBC’s) phony statistics on civilian deaths
Non-Jewish journalist told ‘F*** off Jew!’ (& Predictable threats against Yazidis)
Video dispatch 28: CNN to Hamas: “Do you really believe Jews slaughter Christians?” & other videos
Amos Oz: I would like to ask you some questions
They risk their lives for an idea

July 2014

Debating the media coverage of the current Hamas-Israel conflict (with Tom Gross)
Haaretz: “Hamas are Palestinian neo-Nazis” (& Will an artificial island help Gaza?)
Mass protests in London: Is the BBC really “pro-Israel”?
Under pressure, UN today admitted Hamas stored rockets at UN school (& “The answer is stomach-turning”)
Israel’s Iron Dome is amazing, and that’s a problem (& Al-Ahram: “Destroy Hamas -- Thank you Netanyahu”)
Abbas to Hamas: “What are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?” (& Media misreports international law)
The song Israeli schoolchildren sing to deal with rocket attacks (& Hamas admit to using human shields)
Video dispatch 26: Intensifying conflict as more rockets aimed at Tel Aviv
BBC admits Gaza airstrike photos are fabricated (& Swastikas by the Western Wall)
Let’s hope John Kerry and the EU don’t insist on their early release
“From Gibraltar to the Khyber Pass, the U.S. shares values only with one country”
Video dispatch 25: Iranians and Israelis enjoy World Cup love-in (& U.S. Soccer Guide)

June 2014

“Yes, Prime Minister” or Brave New World?
Israeli Intel exec pioneers hi-tech with Palestinians. His nephew is abducted (& Mohammed was 13)
Fatah mocks kidnapped boys as rats (while Abbas’s wife treated in Israeli hospital)
Islamists release video kicking severed heads about in Iraq “to mark start of World Cup”
In Kerry’s fantasy “apartheid Israel,” an Arab judge sent the Jewish president to jail (& Obama and Hamas)
Sentenced to 20 years in prison for a Facebook comment (& ‘Justin’ melon hits the shelves)
Brussels museum murderer, trained in Syria, arrested (& Canadians fighting Americans in Syria)

May 2014

Pope chooses to pray in front of large graffiti comparing Bethlehem to the Warsaw Ghetto
Happy in Gaza (& arrested for being happy in Tehran) (& Disabled Saudi tweet)
The world’s most pervasive form of abuse: The Pleasures of Anti-Semitism
Auschwitz commandant’s grandson urges Europeans: please vote to stop the extremists (& other items)
Video dispatch 24: How The Simpsons were behind the Arab Spring (& other videos)
U.S. State Department helps promote sale of Mein Kampf (& Iran bans ‘Zionist WhatsApp’)
Video dispatch 23: A nice moment in the afternoon

April 2014

Waiting for Godot: Abbas, the Palestinian Yitzhak Shamir (& Israel’s sustainable success)
Palestinian Authority spokesman accuses al-Qaeda leader of being a “Zionist” (& other items)
“Why is this year different from all others?” (& Scarlett: Anti-Semitism is to blame)
Pakistani baby tried for “planning murder”; new poison gas attack; the world’s most beautiful bookshops
No Chinese-born scientist has ever won a Nobel: “We want to learn from Israel” (& first Chinese rabbi in 200 years)

March 2014

President of al-Quds University resigns
Revealed: video and photos of another Hamas rally at Al-Quds University, held on Sunday
Video dispatch 22: And on a happier note… Jerusalem. Tel Aviv. Beirut. Gaza. Tehran. Happy.
Jewish teacher in Paris has nose broken, swastika drawn on chest (& Iran leader again denies Holocaust)
“The question is why?” (& New hit songs in Arab world against Obama, Kerry)
“Did the Mossad blow up the Malaysian Airlines Jet?” (& Prisoners: Let us fish!)
The tombstones were so overgrown that he began to carry gardening tools on his bicycle
“Some of history’s most influential thinkers and writers spread the most preposterous lies”

February 2014

Alice is up for an Oscar (& The story behind What’s App)
Arafat recognized Israel as a Jewish State (& “Don’t expect Abbas to sign anything”)
Rouhani: Iran’s nuclear program will last “forever” (& Iranian women footballers to undergo gender tests”)
Putin’s “Occupation Olympics” (& “Did the age of genocide begin in Sochi?”)
And what is the name of that justice who serves on Israel’s Supreme Court?
“We buried him without a head” (& the pro-Assad view on IDF medical help)

January 2014

Palestinians to Oxfam: Back off and let us work (& ScoJo to visit Israel)
Who remembers Jan Zwartendijk?
Saudi newspaper: Arabs killed far more than Sharon (& Kuwait: Beware Israeli potatoes)
“He doesn’t stop at red lights” (& other reaction to Ariel Sharon’s death)
Video dispatch 21: Al-Jazeera: Why can’t Arab armies be more humane like Israel’s?
Ariel Sharon: Myths, facts and blood libels
Finally, the New York Times covers official Palestinian Authority praise for Hitler
“Chance of a Century”: International investors flock to Tehran to boost regime

December 2013

Saudis warn against New Year’s celebrations (& 13th victim of attack on school bus dies)
Europe and Asia’s ignored prison states
More Syrian children’s lives saved by Israel over Christmas (& Buffett donates $10m)
Kissin in Yiddish too (& A rap reply to the boycotters)
“I do not want to be spared of the troubles which Israeli musicians encounter…”
Why does John Kerry refer to the Ayatollah as “Supreme Leader?”

November 2013

“This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup”
English Literature Professor at Al-Quds: We have the right to kill Israelis (& Syracuse cuts ties)
Brandeis suspends partnership with Al-Quds after Fascist-style rally
Baby born in IDF field hospital in Philippines named ‘Israel’ (& UN interpreter slips up, tells truth)
Diplomacy is better than war but bad diplomacy can cause bad wars
Update: Al-Quds photos receive attention from Netanyahu through to Al Jazeera
Al-Quds: Fascist-style rally by our students last Tuesday was “totally unacceptable”
Scenes yesterday afternoon from a “moderate” Palestinian university
First ever Syrian woman gives birth in Israeli hospital (& A giant new Jesus statue is erected in Syria!)
KFC quits Damascus as Syria crisis becomes too much for the colonel (& Pizza Hat in Iran)

October 2013

Lou Reed: “Jesse you say Common Ground, Does that include the PLO?” (& “The IDF Factor”)
Senior Middle East writer for The Guardian attacks Robert Fisk’s “comedy of errors”
Video dispatch 20: No Woman, No Drive: First stirrings of Saudi democracy?
The four things we know about how civil wars end (and what this tells us about Syria)
Whither Saudi Arabia? (& Refusing to join a UN that abets mass murder)
Iran TV: Malala is a really a Polish Christian girl named “Jane” (& mid-air video)
British co-winner of Nobel Prize boycotts Israeli university of Jewish man he shares it with
Iranian cyber warfare chief ‘assassinated’ (& Palestinian Authority legalizes online dating)
Ha’aretz: Iran’s Holocaust-denial trickery may point to nuclear duplicity as well

September 2013

“Maybe, he’s just not that into you” (& French diplomat punches Israeli soldier)
An uplifting video (& ‘Kenya calls in Israeli special forces to help end mall siege’)
Israel’s secret doctors (& Disabled Gaza toddler lives at Israeli hospital)
Former UK ambassador: Monday was “the worst day for U.S. diplomacy since records began”
“The moral question nobody wants to answer”
No, Iranian President Rouhani didn’t wish Jews a ‘Blessed Rosh Hashanah’
No, Al-Qaeda doesn’t dominate the Syrian opposition
The U.S. replaced the British, but there is no one to replace America
Video dispatch 18: Syrian refugees: “May God bless Israel”

August 2013

“Like figures unearthed in Pompeii”
Israeli intelligence: Chemical weapons were fired by Assad’s brother Maher’s unit
UN chief admits bias against Israel (& Getting high beyond the Green Line)
Holocaust survivor’s killer receives hero’s welcome in West Bank
Leading Iranian: “If Rouhani is moderate, I’m the Jolly Green Giant” (& Photo of the day)
Egypt’s new ruler may be more Islamist than the West realizes
For the first time, Netanyahu faces significant criticism from both left and right in Israel

July 2013

“Because if he is released, I will no longer be able to live”
The “Al Jazeera Decade” (& Morsi charged with collaborating with Hamas)
Israel’s alleged underwater attack on Syria should serve as a warning to Iran
The twisted reality of an Italian freelancer in Syria
Muslim Brotherhood says Egypt’s new president is secretly Jewish
Daily Muslim call to prayer on British public TV (& Israeli rabbis: Weed “can be kosher”)

June 2013

French museum honors suicide bombers (& Sunni clerics: Shia are “worse than the Jews”)
Iran and Russia hardly believed their luck, as Obama did nothing
New Iranian president’s son killed himself “over father’s extremism”
Will Rouhani really moderate Iranian policies? (& Will sexual liberation bring down Iran’s regime?)
Video dispatch 17: Pushback against the “dictator Erdogan” - Scenes from the “Turkish summer”
Bereaved Israeli parents donate kidney to save Palestinian boy (& IDF’s sexy photos)
Israeli scientists develop bionic eye for people born blind (& Egyptian bites Israeli)
Video dispatch 16: Joshua Prager: In search of the man who broke my neck

May 2013

Seeking imaginary peace while a Sunni-Shia civil war rages (& Al-Jazeera apologizes – sort of)
Erdogan’s Kurdish gambit: Will it change the Mideast? (& a note on Richard Beeston)
Iran’s Ahmadinejad could face 74 lashes over election ‘violation’ (& World Press Photo ‘faked’)
Conference boycotted by Hawking has featured top Palestinian speakers every year
So why did Stephen Hawking think it was ok to visit Iran and China?
Iran’s plans to take over Syria (& the BBC repeats Assad’s propaganda to slur Israel)
Fayyad’s “farewell” interview: the lamentable Palestinian leadership
Iran: Women to blame for earthquakes (& Cable car to link Jerusalem’s Western Wall)

April 2013

Cambridge, Mass., “that notorious swamp of redneck bigotry”
Some notes on the aftermath of the Boston terror attacks
“Why are Israelis so damn happy?” (& confirmation that Assad used chemical weapons)
Margaret Thatcher, one of the greats (& Hamas fires rocket at Holocaust memorial service)
A rare 1945 BBC recording: Survivors in Belsen sing Hatikvah (& “No Place on Earth”)
Video dispatch 14: Jon Stewart under fire in Egypt (& Kid President meets Real President)
Mavi Marmara victim to donate compensation to Hamas, Islamic Jihad (& Saudi paralysis sentence)
“With the intent of erasing Israel from the Internet” (& European goverments fund a blood libel)
First gas from Israel’s new fields starts flowing: The strategic implications

March 2013

Obama exposes “that phony settlement excuse” (& new Palestinian Authority torture revelations)
Erdogan: Homosexuality ‘contrary to Islam’ (& Palestinian Authority: Erdogan should stay out of Gaza)
Netanyahu phones Erdogan to apologize for flotilla incident – and some reminder videos
“Remarks of President Barack Obama to the People of Israel”
Video dispatch 13: Amazing Israeli innovations Obama will see (& Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz!)
Norway admits its aid went to Palestinian terrorists (& “Reward for Obama’s capture”)
Syrians tear down gold statue of Hafez al-Assad, are then killed by his son (& other items)

February 2013

How AIPAC is losing (& an unusual death notice in the New York Times)
The speakers were never meant to live and tell their stories
Man faces year in jail for Abbas Facebook joke (& Arrested at the Western Wall)
Why Bashar Assad doesn’t have a nuclear weapons option to use now
The day Jews killed Jews – including survivors of the Nazis
Letters in The Sunday Times

January 2013

New Muslim Brotherhood Knesset member can’t decide which wife to bring
The anti-Israel cartoon the Sunday Times used to mark Holocaust Memorial Day
Iranian TV: U.S. planned 9/11 attacks (& Saudi man arrested for “seeking Jewish wife”)
Israeli democracy is alive and well
If the earth was flat
“This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility”

December 2012

Saudi detains dozens for “plotting to celebrate Christmas” (& “Jesus was a Palestinian”)
Christianity “close to extinction” in Middle East (& Top 10 Jewish Christmas songs)
Iranian TV: “Israeli death squads involved in Newtown bloodbath”
Swedish artist uses Holocaust victims’ ashes for painting (& murder attempt on Israeli chlidren)
Gazans name new perfume after deadly Hamas missile; & UK editor speaks out
The Economist: Better to be born in Israel than in Italy, Japan, France, Britain, Spain

November 2012

Hamas victim dragged through the streets of Gaza by motorcycle was no collaborator
U.S. chooses stability over democracy in Egypt – but it will get neither
Will despots in Iran, Syria privately welcome Obama’s win?
A quarter of students studying Yiddish at Israeli university are Arabs (& First Israeli Arab woman to command IDF combat unit)
Hizbullah-land: A new place to take the kids! or “A Disneyland for terrorists”
The circus comes to Gaza – minus ladies and lion (& Jerusalem’s secular revival)

October 2012

Islamists: Allah sent Hurricane Sandy “to punish U.S.” (& Spot the difference: Obama-v-Romney video)
Trying to save his other arm (& Iranian revolutionary guards in Sudan)
Reuters: New iPhones snapped up in Gaza despite high prices (& Chomsky in Gaza)
“So, the question now is who is the real enemy of the Arab world?”
Underreported: Muslim protesters torch dozens of Buddhist temples (& Crucifixion in Yemen)
Iranian news agency: Ahmadinejad “more popular” than Obama among rural Americans

September 2012

Milan Kundera: “A small nation can disappear, and it knows it”
“Genocides, unlike hurricanes, are predictable, and Iran is following the pattern”
The “Innocence of Muslims” prompts a wave of anti-Semitic cartoons
The Mossad’s female spies: Flirting for Israel (& MSNBC: Israel is a “prisoner’s paradise”)
Who is “Sam Bacile”? (includes video clip)
Coptic Christians confirm role in anti-Islam film that media blamed on “Jews”

August 2012

If war with Iran comes, will the U.S. open its secret military depots in Israel?
The Iranian nuclear threat: “Israel is on its own” (& Facebook removes Hizbullah)
Welcome to Alawistan (& Aleppo: closer to Turkish Anatolia than to Arab Damascus)
“Egypt’s tremendous military might comes under Islamist control”
Hamas claims Mossad behind Sinai attack (& Hamas PM’s in-law treated at Tel Aviv hospital)
A Gold medal for Hava Nagila (& versions by the Beatles, Capt. Kirk, & Ms. Egypt)

July 2012

PA thanks IOC for refusing to honor Munich victims (& Abbas’ role in the massacre)
BBC replaces its hostile online picture depicting Israel (& UN cancels Barenboim concert)
Her final call: “I just found out I’m pregnant at last”
Is Iran afraid of a 12-year-old girl? (& Iraq’s court-ordered virginity tests)
Hamas continue Palestinian house demolitions (& Guns N’ Roses play Hatikva in Tel Aviv)
Journalism can be a dangerous business

June 2012

Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Morsi (& Putin prays in Jerusalem)
Alice Walker refuses to allow her book to appear in Hebrew (& notes on Euro 2012)
King Abdullah, 89: The dangers of Saudi succession (& Leaker-in-Chief)
Bibi gets the “Vanity Fair” treatment (& “cheerful” Sara turns to “Bild”)
Jewish star sings Persian classics in Tel Aviv and her fans in Iran can’t get enough
Burgers, fries and marijuana (& Knesset members join the fun)

May 2012

Turning on the microphones of Iranian computers (& rare gay showing in Iran)
What really upsets Hamas; & Saudis “ban the use of English language in hotels”
Leading Palestinian writer: Syrian detention facilities are “human slaughterhouses”
Anti-Israel activists launch campaign against Israel’s national bird (& The bionic woman)
“Echoes of ‘67: Israel unites” (& Remembering Peter David, Vidal Sassoon)
Netanyahu’s “political masterstroke” (& Gaza restaurant allows female waitress)
London 2012 Olympics official website: Jerusalem Capital of ‘Palestine,’ not Israel
Child Holocaust survivor finds haven as Muslim in Israel (& other items)

April 2012

Into the light (but only for a few)
The myth of Jeningrad, ten years on
“His Jewish advisors made him do it”
Netanyahu & Romney: a “decades-long friendship” (& Portuguese, Irish writers change their minds on Israel)
How free markets, even more than hasty elections, can transform the Middle East
How China is quietly building links with Israel (& Bolstering Israel-South Korean ties)
“The frozen chosen”: How the Jews helped build Alaska
Nobel Prize winner (& former SS member): Israel a threat to world peace

March 2012

Iran says it will send monkey into space (& French teacher pays tribute to mass killer Merah)
Omar Sharif Jr. comes out -- twice: “I’m gay and I’m Jewish” (& Mossad role for Bar Refaeli)
Media reporting lies about Gaza children deaths in relation to Toulouse murders
The most remarkably brave people
Barrage of rockets, 93% interception rate (& Support for Netanyahu at all-time high)
On hating the haredim (& not enough empathy with Ethiopian Israelis)
What my mother knew about the Assads (& Hamas’ rift with the new Egyptian government)
“He didn’t quite have a full grasp of what the full region looks like”

February 2012

Weakness invites war (& “The coming attack on Iran”)
Israel first country to have three political parties led by women (& NYT’s careless tweets)
Mossad thwarts Iranian attempt to kill Barak in Singapore (& Saudi Valentine’s arrests)
The Iranian threat to New York City (& Iran blames Israel for bombing itself)
Assad emails leaked, tips for misleading Western media revealed; & other items

January 2012

How one film revolutionized Holocaust commemoration: Schindler’s List, two decades on
The “Iranian Schindler” (& new report shows FDR deliberately let Jews die)
The Z-Word
The two faces of Al Jazeera
The Iron Lady
Tel Aviv voted world’s best gay city (& Israel prepares to accept Syrian refugees)
John Gross on the silver screen
Videos: John Gross’s friends remember him in London and New York
“If you want a good laugh, read the holiday card sent out by the Saudi Ambassador”

December 2011

Britain’s biggest bookseller promotes Mein Kampf for Christmas (& other stories)
Video dispatch 12: All I want for Christmas is...
The New York Times, simply making things up (& 2 million watch Egypt video)
“We wouldn’t want to be seen as ‘Bibiwashing’” (& Saudi woman beheaded, another raped, lashed)
“Freedom, Freedom!” How some foreign media are reporting the truth about Syria
The Arab spring comes to Russia? (& America has squandered its opportunity to lead)

November 2011

“The bluffer isn’t bluffing. He means what he says”
Aircraft are not the only means at Israel’s disposal
This may be the most unsurprising sneak attack in history
The Guardian acknowledges a degree of anti-Semitism
America’s dilemma in the Mideast: should it promote democracy or stability?
Two unrepentant murderers fall for each other... (& Get ready for a long winter)
UK, US, Israel “step up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears”
A (guilty?) Goldstone rises to Israel’s defense (and in The New York Times)

October 2011

U.S. professor shouts “death to Israel” (& Facebook users offered $100k to kidnap Israelis)
Erdogan would rather see Turks die than have them rescued by Israelis
Condi Rice admits to Gaddafi video: “It was weird, but at least it wasn’t raunchy”
British Muslim radical: “And then I started reading Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel”
A phone call this morning from the Pardons Board (& freed murderers kill again)
Egypt’s prime minister joins the conspiracy theorists
One Israeli’s path from being mocked to winning a Nobel

September 2011

And the screens went blank in Ramallah (Plus: Palestinians depict Obama as an ape)
“In truth the question of what Netanyahu would concede is irrelevant”
Consider the month that Israel has just had
Ukrainian presidential advisor orders work stopped on Golden Rose hotel project
Goodbye, Golden Rose
Iran punishes Hamas for failing to back Syria’s crackdown (& Saif Gadhafi on Israel)
Turkish men pose to show women’s hidden wounds (& Kuwait: Israel was right on flotilla)
Israeli ambassador to US hosts Ramadan dinner (PA warned by own lawyers against UN vote)

August 2011

Up to 20 terrorists involved in today’s multiple attack on Israel (& Welcome grant for MEMRI)
UK paper fires anti-Israel writer for supporting London riots (& Libya deaths underreported)
The only “armed terrorist gang” in Syria
Iran: “Zionist regime directed terrorist attacks in Norway” (& Iran to sue West)

July 2011

Peres tells Arab media “Assad must go,” and Netanyahu again hints at it too
Americans in Greece (& Who can compete with NGO salaries in the West Bank?)
From Abbottabad to Worse
UN rules that Israel naval blockade is legal (& Tunisia’s “naked women” travel ads)
As North Korea starves, this is life in Gaza

June 2011

BBC apologizes for anti-Israel dog story (& Gaza Red Cross office attacked)
“How could the Left not fall for the Arab-lesbian-blogger hoax?” (& LSE attack)
Why Palestine no longer resembles parched and depopulated Saharan Chad
Video dispatch 10: British TV discovers the next revolutionary wave of Israeli technology
Syria: Where massacre is a family tradition
From Turkey: A tale of two cities: Istanbul vs. Jerusalem
Video Dispatch 9: A one state solution for a better Middle East? “Let the Jews run it all”
The UN can’t deliver a Palestinian state (& Abbas, the real obstacle to peace)

May 2011

Sign up here for the next big Gaza flotilla (& Bibi’s historic speech)
Saudis open world’s largest female university (& UAE hires private army)
Video Dispatch 8: Syrians burn Iranian and Russian Flags (not Israeli and U.S. ones)
How the Iranian government spins these dispatches
Palestinians: “Bin Laden could have been buried here” (& “Bin Laden’s one mistake”)
Video Dispatch 7: A brave woman stands up to an Imam (& Cheering Bin Laden in London)
Those killed in Bin Laden’s compound: The graphic photos
Some notes on the killing of Osama Bin Laden
They couldn’t even muster a press statement (& The Syria Lobby)

April 2011

As Syria slaughters hundreds, its ambassador gets wedding invite denied to Blair and Brown
Video Dispatch 6: Carrying out acts of terror is nothing new for the Assad family
Judge Goldstone changes his tune: Cartoons from the Arab world
The New York Times “Goldstones” Israel again
Black students group slams “Israel Apartheid Week” (& Odelia in a coma)
Syria’s Assad is worse than Gaddafi in many ways
Goldstone’s remarkable about-face (& Jeremy Bowen: Mugged by reality)
What should Asma al-Assad wear to the Syrian Revolution?

March 2011

Egypt: The Hangover begins (& Egypt Air wipes Israel off the map)
Elizabeth Taylor: “Trade me for Entebbe hostages” (& Those Israelis and their crazy terms!)
Remembering John Gross: “Friendship flooded the RIBA”
“Steve and Tyler were hit, and Anthony was headbutted”
As Israelis have their throats slit, can anyone explain this BBC headline?
Departing NPR Exec laments “Jewish control of newspapers” (& Vogue out of fashion)
Will the West let Gaddafi slaughter his way back to power?
Israeli song becomes accidental theme tune of Libyan rebels

February 2011

Will Libya’s $1000 an hour U.S. and British lobbyists stop their heinous work?
New Jordanian Justice Minister praises killer of Israeli schoolgirls as a “hero”
Gaza feeds “hungry” Egyptians in role reversal (& Journalists accused of being “Jews”)
The woman who helped start a revolution (& Video of rocket attack on Israeli wedding)
A troublesome ally (& “What Bush learned about Egyptian democratization”)
Mubarak’s regime may prove more brittle than Tunisia’s
So Israel wasn’t the central source of Arab concern after all?

January 2011

“The plays of Shakespeare, the novels of Tolstoy and the teeming streets of Dickens”
Al-Jazeera and The Guardian team up in apparent attempt to thwart two-state solution
“The Pleasure of His Company”
John Gross, “the Gentleman of Letters” (& other tributes)
“A man of letters” and a wonderful father
“As we all know by now, Israel has lost the battle for public opinion in the West”
Iran and others blame Jews for New Year’s church massacre in Egypt
Video dispatch 5: A Jewish tune with a universal appeal

December 2010

Video dispatch 4: While some choose boycotts, others choose “Life”
Video dispatch 3: Vladimir Putin sings “Blueberry Hill” (& opera in the mall)
“A shy little bird hidden in my rib cage”
Pardo to replace Dagan as Mossad head (& Egypt: Mossad to blame for shark attacks!)

November 2010

FBI Hate Crimes Report completely contradicts media reporting; & Praying for rain
On searching your laptop at airports (& other stories)
In first Hebrew-language broadcast, Al Qaeda-linked group threatens Israel
Is this the most anti-Israel publication in the world?
Video dispatch 2: Iran: Zuckerberg created Facebook on behalf of the Mossad
Video dispatch 1: The Lady In Number 6
What if the tables were reversed?
Is this the most stupid article of the year ? Yes, by far (& Hillary’s birthday wishes)

October 2010

Saudi employer hammers nails into Sri Lankan maid (& Booth converts to Islam)
WikiLeaks inadvertently reveals Israel took great care to avoid civilian casualties
When we talked about “starvation” we meant plasma TVs and Café Latte
62 years on, the continuing struggle to recognize Israel as a Jewish state
The government that cried wolf (& other pieces)
Because what he said wasn’t true (& How long did this take?)
“And over here is where the gas chambers didn’t exist…”
In global hunt for Dubai “hit men,” the trail goes cold

September 2010

We underestimate Ahmadinejad at our peril (& Pregnant shooting victim gives birth)
NY Review of Books discovers Fayyad (& Hamas shuts down Gaza cafes and parks)
Leading Egyptian paper caught doctoring White House photo (& Burning U.S. flags in London)
Time adds its voice to the delegitimizers (& WaPo: “The Economist’s unforgivable silence”)
Genghis Khan with a nuclear bomb (& Israel’s best friends in the Mideast: The Kurds)
“I am a refugee” (& “The Paula Abdul theory of foreign policy”)

August 2010

Media backtracks on Gaza (& UK Foreign Office chief’s PLO connection)
Israel removes wall between Jerusalem neighborhood and Palestinian town
Apartheid update (& “Cinema Jenin” opens amid fanfare and lights)
UN admits Israel was attacked without provocation; media coverage disgraceful
West Bank rape victim under pressure (& Hamas goes to the bank)

July 2010

A nice new shopping mall opened today in Gaza: Will the media report on it?
Al-Qaeda has its eyes set on Gaza (& Why Egypt fears the Palestinians)
Abbas says one thing to the Palestinians, another to Obama (& Spain’s gay problem)
Netanyahu “absolutely” favors a Palestinian state (& CNN fires its Mideast editor)
The Obama-Netanyahu love fest (& CNN’s Octavia Nasr says sorry)
“The secret war against Iran” (& CNN reporter mourns Hizbullah spiritual leader)

June 2010

Yet more evidence of creeping Israeli authoritarianism (& forged passports back in the news)
Turks kill 130 Kurds (& The world’s favorite sport is…)
What is a peace activist anyway?
Beating up on Israel from East and West: anti-Semitism at sea
“Rachel Corrie is on Her Way” – Due to attempt to land shortly in Gaza
“The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million – that number again”

May 2010

Videos of today’s tragic incident off the coast of Israel
Fancy restaurants and Olympic-size swim pools: what the media won’t report about Gaza
Guess what the first demonstration against Cameron was about?
The liars, crooks and tyrants who run the UN (& Russian fantasies about Israel)
Goldstone’s death sentences for blacks: Just following orders (& Turkey’s first nudist hotel)
Israel stole our goats, says Lebanon (& Saddam’s UK MP defeated)
If Clegg were British foreign minister…
No Joke: UN adds Iran to Women’s Rights Commission (& Hamas extends crackdown on fun)

April 2010

To al-Qaeda’s horror, India emerges as one of Israel’s closest allies
UK bans Israeli Western Wall tourism advert (& When Armageddon lives next door)
British and French shops occupied; Israel mourns a friend in President Kaczynski
There’s no pleasing some terrorists (& Social networking, Palestinian-style)
As Fayyad says Next Year in Jerusalem, Hamas says put Fayyad on trial
Obama: I have seen the enemy and it’s Jewish housing
A paper peace, or a real and lasting peace?
“The fall-out between America and Israel is a serious threat to world peace”

March 2010

Nazi scandal engulfs Human Rights Watch - at last covered properly by a major paper
Washington Post: Obama’s behavior to Israel is “startling” and “puzzling”
Palestinian Authority honors top terrorist the moment Biden leaves the West Bank
MSNBC’s Matthews and NYT’s Bronner’s racist slur against Israelis
Israel has its faults, but apartheid isn’t one of them (& Another hit job by the FT)
Delegitimization is a genuine threat for Israel (and so is anti-Semitism)
Senior Saudi: kill those who oppose gender segregation (& Paul Martin’s plight)

February 2010

Only one group could be behind the latest hit -- the Irish Jews
Journalism 007: Reporting fiction as fact
Is Israel the only suspect over Dubai death?
Goldstone co-author: Hamas fired “something like two” rockets before Gaza war
Police probe “Kill Jews” remark at Oxford univ. (& Mussolini iPhone app withdrawn)
Christian Aid apologizes for Nazi comparisons on Holocaust Memorial Day
Less Mideast “peace processing” please (& Berlusconi: “Let Israel join the EU”)

January 2010

Iran: “Israeli doctors stealing Haitian organs” (& Jerusalem mayor attacks BBC “lies”)
Obama misjudges his misjudgment (& Israeli and Iranian ministers shake hands)
And his name will be ‘Israel’: Mother of Haitian baby honors IDF rescuers
“Taliban may be descended from Jews” (& Iran finds a friend in Italy)
Iran rejects Kerry -- and Egypt expels Galloway
Science fiction soon to become reality as Israel develops robot weapons
The cold-blooded internet murderer Fatah and Hamas want free

December 2009

Amazing Video – Iranian protesters save men from hanging, then get shot
BBC feeding infamous anti-Semitic lies to Iranians -- in Persian (& Europe’s Israel obsession)
Britain’s singling out of Israel goes further than ever (& Is Prince Harry a war criminal?)
Leading Ha’aretz writer: “Netanyahu is positioning himself left of Rabin”
Ehud Olmert in his own words: What I offered President Abbas
“Let’s substitute Israel Apartheid Week with Palestine Democracy Week”
Israel quietly helps to build Palestine, without Obama and the EU’s interference

November 2009

Israeli gold winners left to sing their own anthem (& British diplomat “outs” Jews)
“Oh I forgot, the Jews have all the oil” (& Obama’s home teleprompter malfunctions)
Life of Mohammed to be filmed (& BBC quiz winner thinks al-Qaeda is an Israeli organization)
Holocaust denier appointed as Iran’s media boss (& Saudi F-15s bomb Yemen)
“Don’t count on Goldstone to curb Israel’s response to attacks on Tel Aviv”
Britain’s West Bank torturers; & The Guardian runs an extraordinary attack on Melanie Phillips

October 2009

Does Obama believe in human rights? (and what that might mean for Israel)
HRW senior staff compare Israeli conduct to the 3.5 million dead and raped in Congo
As the UN endorses Goldstone report, even Goldstone now criticizes the UN
UNRWA proposes teaching Holocaust in Gaza after all (& Anne Frank online)
Israeli businessman seeks to buy Al-Jazeera (& The Guardian’s KGB-style Israel cleansing)
Israelis are from Mars and Palestinians from Venus. How will we reconcile them?
“We thought we’d never see the day when France’s president shows more resolve than America’s”
Even B’Tselem now criticizes Goldstone (& Saudi Arabia’s interfaith Nazi)

September 2009

“Goldstone’s crime against human rights” (& a mental patient at the UN)
Transcript: CNN grills Netanyahu on Israeli “war crimes” (& other items)
Dachau survivor asks Goldstone: How dare you? (& Peres: Goldstone “legitimized terrorism”)
Iran: “Einstein secretly converted to Shi’a Islam” (& Reuters “terrorist” journalist)
Associated Press: thousands of Arabs moving into Jewish areas of Jerusalem
Gadhafi celebrates 40 years in power by blaming Israel for “all of Africa’s conflicts”
And were there never any Romans in Rome either?
Obama’s approval rating in Israel falls to new low (& No male teachers allowed)

August 2009

A Jewish tune with a universal appeal (From the Beatles to Bollywood to the Starship Enterprise)
Dutch journalist: Flu pandemics are a Jewish conspiracy (& Swedish media blood libel)
Israel criticizes Human Rights Watch for its fundraising from Saudi regime
How many degrees does Gilad Shalit have? (& Facebook closes Hamas leader’s fan page)
Lockerbie: Has an innocent man been locked up?
The truth about Fatah – revealed by Fatah itself (& Fatah’s general secretary claims that Abbas helped “murder” Arafat)

July 2009

The Brides wore Black: Hamas widows re-marry (& The idiocies of Naomi Klein)
Happy birthday, Tel Aviv (& Ilan Halimi trial verdict)
“Nuke could wipe Israel out in seconds”; “Saudis give nod to Israeli raid on Iran”
Another luxury Palestinian shopping mall opens; & “Haifa university: “No Jews allowed”

June 2009

Fatah: “Wailing Wall is ours”; Egyptian cleric cracks the Pepsi code; & other items
Twitter 1, BBC 0: online videos show the real face of Ahmadinejad
What Iran has been doing while you were watching the protests (& other aspects of the uprising)
Official transcript of Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech calling for demilitarized Palestinian state
“The Cost”: a military exchange between American and Israeli friends
“The speech President Obama won’t dare give to the Muslim world”
Protests against appointment of UNESCO head who wants to burn Israeli books
King of Morocco acknowledges truth of Holocaust (while more Israeli Arabs deny it)

May 2009

The Jewish Nakba: in many ways worse than the Arab
Mossad’s hidden successes against Iran so far – but they are not enough
“Why Israel will bomb Iran” (& “The myth of meaningful Iranian retaliation”)
“Obama, and the world, in 2012, after he fails to deal with Iran”
UNESCO makes Beirut “World Book Capital 2009” as it bans “The Diary of Anne Frank”
Media News 9: Happy Birthday, YouTube! (& other media matters)

April 2009

Swiss government requisitions 40 lavish hotel rooms for Ahmadinejad (& Elie Wiesel abused at Durban II)
“By the time the Soviet Army reached Auschwitz, my father was no longer there”
Obama to host Passover seder in the White House (& French supermarket Intifada)
What Avigdor Lieberman actually said (& When Amish met Heimish)
Fatah activists threaten to kill Palestinian conductor who played for Holocaust survivors
“Israel’s Sudan strike targeted weapons capable of hitting Tel Aviv and Dimona”

March 2009

Exclusive: This is CNN (& BBC-UNRWA connection revealed)
A proud Israeli Bedouin writes (& Japanese paper criticizes UN over Durban II conference)
Boycott apartheid Egypt! (& shoe hurled at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)
Riots in Sweden; torture in Argentina; Arab-Jewish duo at Eurovision
Remembering the injured: The remarkable story of Kinneret Chaya
Miracle: Hamas terrorist comes back to life (& Israeli school hit by rocket)
Middle Eastern and Western anti-Semites compete to outdo each other

February 2009

Jane’s: Syria building chemical weapons plant (& Dubai bans novel with gay characters)
Denmark – no Jews at our schools please (and “anti-Semitism in London’s theatreland”)
Israel votes (& Washington Post latest to report IDF didn’t hit Gaza school)
Major Australian paper latest to attack UN for disseminating “lies” about Gaza
Investigation by Canada’s leading paper finds: No Palestinians killed in the UN school in Gaza
“We didn’t run away. It was an orderly walk backwards.”

January 2009

“Dear Palestinian Arab brethren…” (& “Israel refuses to win”)
“The moral chasm that separates Jews from their enemies”
Gaza doctor: Hamas exaggerated Gaza death toll – 500 to 600 killed, mostly fighters, not 1,250
“This isn’t a reality TV show or an episode of Big Brother”
Annihilation of terrorists; no one protested. (No Jews involved.)
Even in Florida: “Nuke, nuke Israel… the Jews need a big oven”
Seven ways to make Israel’s response proportionate
Amos Oz: Hamas’s crimes against humanity

December 2008

Barack Obama: If somebody was rocketing my two daughters as they slept at night…
New low for British media: Ahmadinejad invited to address UK on Christmas
‘Tis the season for anti-Israel tunes (& “Jews for Christmas”)
Protecting against dirty bombs; questions over Hillary; colorful Islamic fashion
Top Egyptian cleric asked to purify hand after accidentally shaking Peres’ hand
Jimmy Carter pleads with Hizbullah to meet him, but Hizbullah refuse
“The luckiest Jihadi in town” (& U.S. Jewish groups train against Mumbai-style attack)
“Whodunit!?” (& So, why kill the rabbi?)
No, they weren’t “practitioners” (& Time magazine, aiding anti-Semites?)

November 2008

If this isn’t terrorism, what is?
Afghan schoolgirls blinded with acid for not wearing a full burqua (& other items)
Egyptian lawyer on top Arab TV station: Israeli women should be threatened with rape
Al-Jazeera TV commentator: “Rahm Emmanuel is an officer in the Israeli Mossad”
Former Times editor: The media “votes early and votes often” – for Obama
CIA’s loss of top spies is “catastrophic” (& Obama-Petraeus “fall out”)

October 2008

Israel to become ultimate swing state? (& Sarkozy: Obama’s stance on Iran is “utterly immature”)
Shimon Peres to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II; Malaysia: women mustn’t wear trousers; & other items
Will Barack Obama make John McCain his Secretary of Defense?
“Saudi women must wear one-eyed black veils” (& America kills a Swede in Iraq)
Hamas: Jews to blame for global financial crisis; major upsurge of anti-Semitic postings on Internet
“Flirting” with Sarah Palin earns new Pakistani president a fatwa (& other items)

September 2008

First permanent foreign military force takes up positions in Israel (& a warm welcome on the Upper West Side)
Peres at UN: Ahmadinejad is a “disgrace to Islam” (& still no word on missing American in Iran)
Netanyahu: “Joining a coalition under Livni is like joining Lehman brothers”
Iran prepares Salman Rushdie’s coffin, as Hillary Clinton cancels appearance at NY rally against Ahmadinejad
Watching “Friends” in Gaza as first ever Palestinian soap opera is postponed
How dare they be working class – and how dare she be a woman?
Ahmadinejad: Zionists behind S. Ossetia, Abkhazia conflicts (& 63% of Americans support Israeli strike on Iran)
Top Iranian mullah compares women to donkeys (& a note on Sarah Palin)

August 2008

Soft on Iran: Serious concerns in Israel about Joe Biden
Italy admits it shielded Palestinian terrorists; & al-Jazeera apologizes to Israel
The lessons for Israel and other small democracies from the Georgian conflict
Syrian nuclear chief eliminated (& IDF soldiers risk lives to rescue Fatah men)
At last, Reuters tells the truth about Hamas (& Obama: Ich Bin Ein Beginner)

July 2008

Israel sanctions al-Jazeera after it holds party for released child-killer (& other items)
Israelis’ Obama skepticism (& McCain on Israeli TV last night: I won’t allow a second Holocaust)
Hizbullah moves into “every town” in south Lebanon (& world media reaction to Kuntar release)
A long way from Entebbe: Hizbullah’s triumph, as Israel lets murderers go free
17 girls rescued from Brussels hotel after being “enslaved” by UAE royals (& other overlooked items)
Colombia hostage rescue: Israeli help revealed (& King of Jordan ridicules Israel boycott)
New York Times headline makes Jerusalem terror attack sound like an accident

June 2008

Sarkozy denounces vicious beating of Jewish teenager (& BBC promotes anti-Semitism)
Libya’s Gaddafi says Israel will kill Obama – “as it did JFK” (& U.S. intel warnings)
Top Nazi war criminal spotted mingling with Croatian soccer fans in Austria
Israeli company develops system to see through walls (& bacteria that produces petrol)
So who would you put your money on? Buffett or Ahmadinejad?
The List: The worst places to be a terrorist (& other articles)
Iran’s Ahmadinejad attacks Jews at UN food summit in Rome
More on al-Dura: “It’s hard to exaggerate the significance of this case”

May 2008

French state TV loses al-Dura libel case (& Amy Winehouse to undergo drug rehab in Israel)
Lebanese Prime Minister: “Even Israel never dared to do to Beirut what Hizbullah has done”
Rupert Murdoch: European media hostility to Israel has anti-Semitic roots
Parting gift?: “Bush to offer Israel crucial new radar system” (& Iranian shell kills Israeli)
Israel at 60: “Well done for surviving – and flourishing”
Israel at 60 (part 2): “Israel was a dream, since the time of Moses”
Israel at 60 (part 3): Still dealing with outlandish conspiracy theories and blood libels
Journalist of the year calls Israel “shit,” as Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day

April 2008

Bahrain set to appoint Jewish woman as its ambassador to the U.S. (& Yemeni girl, 8, gets divorced)
Hamas enraged by mixed dancing on the West Bank (& Egypt builds a wall)
Obama’s poor choice of advisors
BBC Arabic service “boosts terrorists” (& the Shin Bet goes online today)
Al-Hayat: Jimmy Carter to meet Hamas in Damascus; Hamas murders more Israeli civilians
Into Ramallah with George W. Bush

March 2008

Guardian editor finally apologizes for comparing Israel to al-Qaeda
U.S. State Dept. confirms: Much anti-Semitism now in the guise of hatred of Israel
Saving Baby Mohammed
Fatah’s young guard: “Blessed martyrdom operation in occupied [West] Jerusalem”
The myth of America’s unpopularity (& the “McCain-Soros conspiracy,” says Iran)
Dying for a degree; & Ashkelon under attack
Code Red in Sderot: Living in the most heavily bombed place in the world

February 2008

Ahmadinejad: Israel is a filthy bacteria (& shock as the BBC apologizes for Hizbullah coverage)
As Musharraf’s party concedes defeat, an analysis of Pakistani-Israeli relations
He’s not quite Osama Bin Laden... But he almost is
In flip-flop, U.S. says Iran may be able to make nukes by next year (& more stonings in Iran)
“Not since John Kerry has America had such an outstanding candidate for the Presidency”
(1) The poor of Africa (2) The media’s selective use of photos
Sinai now “open gateway” for Palestinian terrorists as suicide bombers hit Israeli shopping mall

January 2008

Norman Finkelstein “votes against his own motion”; Gandhi forced to resign; Anne Frank abused again
Does Oxford think it ok to honor a man who calls Anne Frank a “Holo-porn” star?
A rare apology from The Washington Post (& Mohammed cartoons editor jailed for three years)
“Ahmadinejad secretly met with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Qatar”
Egyptian magazine confirms Arafat was behind Munich Olympic and other murders
Time magazine gets rids of its two conservative columnists, & The NY Times hires one
Iranian hardliners appear to endorse Mike Huckabee
Christmas Smear (& Ha’aretz editor to Condoleezza Rice: America please “rape” us)
Poll of Saudis: Don’t like Jews or Christians, want nuclear weapons and Israel destroyed

December 2007

British intelligence: Israelis are right, U.S. is wrong; Iran is rushing to acquire nukes
Ahmadinejad doesn’t want a nuclear bomb? Just like there are no gays in Iran?

November 2007

NY Times and WaPost “comment writer” threatens to kill Israelis (& Syria blocks Facebook)
Palestinian oligarch to the rescue? (& Launching rockets from U.N. schools)
CNN plans worldwide expansion (& all Starbucked out)
“Genocide” of Yazidis waiting to happen if America pulls out of Iraq too soon
French Fries are back in fashion (& Larry King and Jerry Seinfeld: Two egos clash)
Al-Jazeera: “U.S. Air Force, carrying tactical nuclear weapons, flew with Israel during Syria raid”
Islamic regime’s new pin-up girl: Maureen Dowd (& 52% in U.S. support military strike against Iran)

October 2007

Muslim contractor waives fee to build synagogue (& MSNBC says I’m the world’s worst person)
Stewart’s future, Economist’s past (& what is Clinton doing in Chinatown?)
Syria update: “This was one of the five most important acts in Israel’s history”
Lockerbie: Has an innocent man been locked up?
Outrage after Holocaust denier David Irving invited to Oxford Union (& “Not Nobel Winners”)
Ahmadinejad given bravery award for going to Columbia (& videos of new anti-regime demos in Iran)
Underreported news from Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world
Israeli “invisible” jets foiled Russian radar in Syria (& UK Israel boycott ruled “illegal”)

September 2007

“Bravo, bravo, bravo, Columbia!” (& Hillary Clinton “confirms” Israel took out Syrian nukes)
Deny Holocaust? Get welcomed by Columbia University (& invited to lunch by the NY Times?)
Hunt for Israeli Bond girl is on (& U2’s Bono is Jewish, apparently)
BBC children’s site removes offensive page on 9/11 attacks – at least for now
What the BBC is telling children about 9/11 (& Palestinian rocket injures 69 Israelis)

August 2007

BBC forced to remove Jesus “bastard” slur (& CrackBerrys “bad for the soul”)
Dutch Catholic Bishop tells Christians to call God “Allah” (& A “Muslim Jesus” on British TV)
U.S. presidential politics 2008 (& Cannibal tribe apologizes for eating Methodists)
Arafat’s widow expelled from Tunisia (& Poland criticizes EU’s anti-Israel bias)
One year on, Hizbullah remains a threat (& Reuters’ Titanic error)
Harry Potter is a Zionist agent (& Irish UN official: Bush’s goal is genocide)
Reuters runs false report, says AP (& Newspapers to offer free bibles)
Now it is Hamas vs. Islamic Jihad (& From Russia to Gaza with love?)

July 2007

Building the biggest bridge in the world: A Bin Laden project (& Iran’s American hostages)
Hamas thanks Jimmy Carter, its “useful idiot” (& Syria occupies Lebanon. Again.)
“Bush is not going to leave office with Iran still in limbo” (& Giuliani’s girls vs. Obama’s girls)
Palestinians given yet another chance. Will they take it?
PFLP chief: “Arafat died of AIDS” (& suicide bomb making factory in Syria)
American “Rachel Corrie” judge compares Israel to Nazis (& Stoned to death in Iran)
Mamma Mia! It’s “Tony Blair: The Musical!” (& Syria blocks hotmail)
“Just around the corner from Tony Blair’s new home, I was able to buy a copy of Mein Kampf”
Abbas aide says rescue of Alan Johnston was staged by Hamas
The Docs of War (& Did irresponsible journalism lead to murder?)
On boycotts and reality: Opposing the British boycott from Austria to India

June 2007

1966 sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage comes to life in Israel (& BBC’s “Hamas” employee enters Gaza)
Abbas the moderate? Abbas as a leader?
Congratulations Hamas: Getting an opinion piece into NYT and WP on the same day is unprecedented
Arafat’s Nobel Prize, Suha’s gowns looted (& Gaza’s Christians fear for their lives)
UK Times: “Mamma Mia!” could be first victim of boycott retaliation
Gaza slips towards civil war (& Shimon Peres elected Israeli president)
My Generation
The Doctor was blindfolded, handcuffed, shot six times and then tossed into the street
Six days of war: the media’s idea of balance
The Six-Day War: one of the most stunning military victories in modern history

May 2007

Chai Shalom, 13, suffered from cerebral palsy... (& Israel rescues Gazan baby)
BBC attacks WSJ over article on kidnapped BBC Gaza correspondent
Nobel laureate cancels UK trip over Israel boycott (& a tale of two terror groups called Fatah)
Al-Qaeda group threatens “crusader and Zionist” Sarkozy (& “Was Osama Right?”)
DePaul’s disgrace: “The Jewish David Irving”
Time Magazine leaves Pres. Bush off their 100 most influential people list
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, arguably the bravest and most remarkable woman of our times
Iran bans Western haircuts, eyebrow plucking for men
Sarkozy: The Palestinians deserve a homeland, but the security of Israel is not negotiable
Belgian MEP says she feels like “strangling” Israeli Ambassador
NY Times-owned Herald Tribune runs Iranian government advert to build nuclear reactors

April 2007

Anti-Israel ads on Washington subway (& Why not El Salvador?)
New Iraqi terror group named after Hamas (& Christiane Amanpour admits activism)
The French go to the polls, as Ramallah renames street after Jacques Chirac
Guardian editor condemns U.K. journalists’ call to boycott Israel
Auschwitz death toll was higher, UK government archives reveal
For first time, British journalists officially vote to boycott Israeli goods
Cartoons and Photos: A visual warning
“No pot on Passover” (& Israelis invent Internet-free computer connection)

March 2007

“BBC pays £200,000 to cover up report on anti-Israel bias” (& Live crocodiles seized at Gaza border)
New Palestinian Islamic party seeks to be moderate (& Money pours into Gaza)
Why the elites are driving Tony Blair from office (& The Sun’s guide to Tel Aviv)
Chirac “secretly urged Israel to topple Assad” (& 28% of Israeli Arabs say Holocaust is a myth)
Islamic fury at Palestinian lesbian conference in Haifa (& Arab praise for kidnapped BBC man)
Passover of Blood” book now being used by Islamists and Neo-Nazis
Saudi gang-rape victim gets 90 lashes for International Women’s Day
Provocative Iran issues new banknote with nuclear insignia (& top Iranian general disappears)
America: “It’s lonely at the top”

February 2007

Kibbutz where Jerry Seinfeld picked bananas, finally gives up on communism
YouTube becoming site of choice for al-Qaeda to spread propaganda
Stanford University to show Turkish blood libel film (& Saudi Prince to build hotel in Tel Aviv)
“Israeli Apartheid Week” kicks off around the world
Ilan Halimi brought to rest in Jerusalem (& Elie Wiesel assaulted in a San Francisco hotel)
Ahmadinejad promises “giant achievements” next Sunday (& UK charities leap to his defense)
Saudis “helped thwart Baker’s Iraq plan” (& 20 foreigners arrested for dancing)
Israel’s first woman president (& Kafiyehs with Stars of David)
Jack Bauer under attack: Muslims protest hit TV series “24”

January 2007

David Irving: Auschwitz “was a tourist attraction” (& British Muslims scrap Holocaust Day)
Iraq learns from Yad Vashem (& The first Arab to be named a Righteous Gentile)
Six Gulf states say they would support U.S. strike on Iran’s nuclear program (& Fatah-Eilat bomb details)
Jimmy Carter “interceded on behalf of Nazi SS Guard” (& Saudis may ban Letter “X”)
War on Want wages War on Israel
Halutz is forced to resign, but was the Hizbullah war in fact a victory for Israel?
Israel’s economy soars ahead, while Palestinians squander millions
Israel appoints its first Arab cabinet minister (& Mossad-KGB double agent dies)
Spain fears rebirth of Islamic kingdom (& Palestinians continue to mourn Saddam)
AP apologizes for claiming “Zionists exaggerated the Holocaust” (& BBC bias as usual)
The Six Day Phwoar (Israel: A new gay icon?)

December 2006

UK paper: Virgin Mary is a “Palestinian refugee in Bethlehem”
Pope’s speech which angered Muslims wins award
“Polite society helped pave the way for Iran’s Holocaust conference”
Saudis “to buy nuclear bomb” from Pakistan to counter Iranian threat
An interview with Walter Laqueur
Iraq 28: “If we left now, we’d be back in again within a year”
Jimmy Carter called an anti-Semite live on American TV
Benny Morris responds to “numerous historical errors” in The Independent

November 2006

70 percent of Israelis say they will stay even if Iran gets the bomb
“Girl With a Pearl Earring” and “Da Vinci code” banned in Iran. Is Google next?
A remarkable documentary
“Political correctness gone mad”: Christian charity bans Christmas
So busy attacking Israel, they forgot about these beheadings
Al-Jazeera launches in English today, using an Israeli satellite provider
America and Israel: Tests for an old friendship

October 2006

Now playing in New York: The sad case of Rachel Corrie
Soros plans an alternative to AIPAC (& other news items)
A touch of humor
Human Rights Watch confirms: Hizbullah used cluster bombs against Israel
New calls by Hamas to target U.S. (& Palestinian rockets now have Hebrew captions)
“Evening, infidels! Here is the news from the BBC...”
Dubai paper: “What Muslims can learn from the Jews” (& al-Qaeda strikes in Gaza)
The Holocaust’s Arab heroes (& Polish righteous Gentile recommended for Nobel Prize)
Khamenei: “Don’t masturbate during Ramadan” (& Iran’s persecution of Arabs)
Shin Bet seeks computer wizards (& Israel’s “pink” diplomats)
A colossus of our time

September 2006

Israel warns that foreign reporters’ vehicles might be being used by terrorists
Mozart cancelled in Germany due to fear of offending Muslims (& Egypt seizes papers)
Plot to decapitate Israeli ambassador to Norway (& Israel welcomes Swedish elections)
Saudi police ban the sale of cats and dogs (& Gaddafi’s son: Pope must convert)
Cartoonists against the Pope
Palestinians attack churches as anti-Pope sentiment grows around world
Something different from the BBC (& Black freedom movements meet in Israel)
Ignoring 9/11 and blaming George Bush
Al-Qaeda call on Seymour Hersh, George Galloway & Robert Fisk to “join Islam”
Pinocchio, Tom Sawyer and Heidi convert to Islam in Turkey
“The Arabs have become wise enough to know TV victory from real victory”
Israeli remains on display at makeshift Hizbullah museum

August 2006

Australian foreign minister criticizes world media for telling lies about Israel
UN Resolution 1701 is “the Mideast’s Munich agreement”
Firm with Nazi past buys 25% of Ha’aretz (& animals recover from Hizbullah)
Suha Arafat “remarries” (& anti-Hizbullah comment starts W. Bank wedding riot)
Hollywood stars blast Nasrallah, but Spielberg, Streisand and others remain silent
The media war against Israel
Iraq 27: “Did any nation-state fall from the heavens wholly made?”

July 2006

Norway: Olmert as “Nazi commander in Schindler’s list”
Nasrallah “to go to Damascus today” (& Hizbullah's “Nazi salute”)
Iran sends suicide bombers, while Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel are “best of friends”
Olmert: foreign media biased in Hizbullah coverage (& Arnie for Israel)
Israel’s next war has begun, the one with Iran
The French love bombing (but not by Israel)
Israel, Lebanon, Hizbullah: 14 more observations on the situation
At least 8 killed in rocket attack on Haifa; Over 100 Iranian agents in Lebanon aiding Hizbullah
Grandmother and her 7-year-old grandson become the latest Israelis to die
Israel, Lebanon, Hizbullah: 12 points about the situation
The truth comes out, courtesy of AP; but Jews attack Israel
Saudi columnist: “Hamas is acting like a terrorist organization”
Donald Trump invests $300 million in Israel (& more Islamic gay-bashing)
Israeli soldier kidnapped? Not on the BBC

June 2006

Saving Corporal Shalit
“Londonistan”: “I’d rather take ricin than publish this”
Human Rights Watch admits Israel likely not responsible for Gaza beach deaths
Arab world enraged at Ghana player’s salute to Israel (& Jihadists attack soccer)
Iran bans The Economist & Turkey bans Winnie the Pooh
Banning the World Cup, Israeli wine labels, and other items
Suha Arafat, TVs for the World Cup, and Gaza’s so-called “humanitarian crisis”
Ayatollah Khomeini’s grandson says West must intervene to free Iran
Hamas prime minister’s nephews “served in the Israeli army”
“Not statesmanship, but stupidity”

May 2006

Reuters employee issues “Zionist pig” death threat
Tel Aviv, Beersheba within range of new Hizbullah rocket (& Israel re-enters Gaza)
EU falls for Palestinian protection racket (& Will anyone speak up for the chickens?)
Matthias Goering Goes Kosher (& Film shows suffering of Jews Britain sent to Outback)
“Much of Europe prefers a traditional Muslim woman who keeps her mouth shut”
Israel to have its own baseball league (& Iran bars women from soccer matches)
Bon Appetite: Buffalo meat declared kosher (& Aliza Olmert’s art quadruples in value)
BBC slips up with taxi driver (& Rapper Jay-Z: Anti-Semitism not cool)
“Da Vinci Code” movie banned by Egypt, Lebanon, Syria & Jordan
“The BBC pro-Israeli? Is the Pope Jewish?” (& American teen Danny Wultz dies)
Olmert calls Ahmadinejad a “psychopath” who “speaks like Hitler”
Mainstream media ignores yesterday’s anti-regime protests in Iran
Al Aqsa leader: American Jewish teens are our ideal target (& Fisk on Walt)

April 2006

The New York Times and the “Israel lobby” (& Brandeis to honor Kushner)
“The mushroom cloud is on its way” (& American teen victim loses leg)
“The victims are no different from those slain on September 11, 2001”
Football killing fields: International soccer singles out Israel
Iranian regime swoops on universities to crush dissent, cracks down on blogs
Media news 8: “First impressions are not the same as thoughtful commentary”
Speaking out against Sharia-backed sexual abuse of women and children
Explorers find the “true” source of the Nile river (& Jesus “did walk on water”)
Dr. Ruth to lecture IDF officers (Hummus, Ricky Martin & other items)
Israeli cabinet to declare Sharon “incapacitated”; Olmert to form government

March 2006

Israeli elections 2006: Kadima “moving forward” to permanent borders by 2010
Now Neturei Karta pledge their allegiance to Hamas
“How I learned to love the wall” & more on Wafa Sultan, other Muslim “dissidents”
“Possibly the most maligned country on the planet is in the news again”
Wafa Sultan receives death threats, mainstream media attention (& other items)
On Chechnya, Chad, and “Chinese walls in the mind”
“How Iran duped the west”; Iranian Holocaust (denial) conference “begins today”
Terror victims relieved as “Paradise Now” and “Munich” fail to win Oscars
The barbarians of Europe

February 2006

David Irving says from prison: “The Jews will see a second Holocaust in 20 to 30 years”
Ilan Halimi: Tortured and killed in Paris because “the Jews have money”
(1) Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons (2) Contain Iran: Admit Israel to NATO
(1) Iranian anger over German football cartoon (2) Iran to hang teenage rape victim
(1) Poland will not let Iran “research” Holocaust (2) German Gypsies condemn Iran
“To be or not to be, that is the question,” not just asked by a famous fictional Dane
Portraying the prophet from Persian art to South Park
Belgium Muslim leader calls on Arabs to use Danish flag as a substitute for toilet paper
“War on Denmark! Death to Denmark!” (& Oprah visits Auschwitz)

January 2006

Nervous Palestinians circulate Hamas jokes (& Palestinian elections “not democracy”)
Hamas’s charter: The martyrs’ oath; and European press reaction
Hamas wins big (& anti-Zionism at the Davos Conference)
Munich (3): BBC set to name woman agent who killed Olympics massacre mastermind
Israeli leaders brace for possible Hamas “landslide”
“It’s the demography, stupid” and “A Letter to the Europeans”
Ready, aim, and fire more accurately without bullets (& Iran, India updates)
Western editor, angry at lack of alcohol in Gaza, says Abba Eban was right after all
“Middle Beast”: Ariel Sharon as a target of anti-Semitism
Iran planning to host international Holocaust (denial) conference
When was the last time you saw Khaled Abu Toameh interviewed on BBC or CNN?
Venezuelan President Chavez: “The descendants of the Christ-killers” control the world

December 2005

Yasser Abbas
New internal BBC memo warns staff over “terrorism”
Thorough new UCLA study finds U.S. media more left-wing than previously thought
Munich (2): Spielberg: “For me this movie is a prayer for peace”
Munich (1): “Spielberg is no friend of Israel”
A Muslim in a Jewish land (& Arab enrolment jumps at West Bank “settler” college)
Al Jazeera.net: As Saddam’s trial resumes, Palestinians cheer him as a hero
Abbas approves assistance to “martyrs” and then condemns suicide bomb
Sharon prepares to withdraw from “virtually all” the West Bank by 2008
Jews against Israel: King, Kaufman, & Judt, Europe’s so-called “good Jews”

November 2005

London Mayor Ken Livingstone may be Jewish: “I could be a self-hater, couldn’t I?”
BBC sanctions reporter who cried for Arafat (& “Hitler” running in Fatah primaries)
The real apartheid: Saudi teacher to be flogged for 15 weeks for praising Jews
Pakistan quake orphans “adopted” for jihad (& attacks against Christians ignored)
General note: A new website
Tehran Times today: The phenomenal lie of the “Holocaust” (& Ha’aretz’s dangerous misreporting)
Elections imminent as Shimon Peres ousted (& items on French riots, NY Times, Islam)
Israeli, Palestinian & Jordanian DJ’s play together, (& news on Madonna, Phil Collins)
Ruins of “oldest church” found in Israel (& Tel Aviv to boast world’s largest coffee shop)
Red Cross: Persecution of Christians “outside our area of expertise” (& other items)
Israel receives surprisingly strong international support over Ahmadinejad comments

October 2005

Grenade found hidden under a baby (& CIA trained Palestinian terrorists)
Small signs of improving Arab-Israeli relations (despite today’s suicide attack)
Poem praising killing of Jews included in new UK national children’s poetry book
(1) Norway school bans Star of David (2) Norwegian says she infiltrated the Mossad
Iran sells hate literature at Frankfurt Book Fair, breaking German laws against anti-Semitism
14-year old Palestinian boy forced to carry out suicide bombing (& other items)
“Don’t be silly, Ann, there’s no racism on the left”
Hamas: “No dancing and no gays”; & on banning Winnie the Pooh...

September 2005

Synagogue to become Hamas museum (& “an Islamic guide on how to beat your wife”)
(1) Bibi-v-Arik showdown today (2) The media, Hamas, and Rita
Remembering Milena Hubschmannova
President Musharraf to U.S. Jews: “Pakistan has no direct conflict with Israel”
Faked atrocity on French television? (updated & resent version)
Islamic militant Hizb ut-Tahrir infiltrates Reuters (& Prince Harry apologizes)
Blair urged to ditch Holocaust Day; UK government advisor says Holocaust “a myth”
Palestinians burn Gaza synagogues as P.A. police watch on
Hamas’s secretive military branch comes out of hiding
Muslims ransack Christian village in West Bank (& Arafat cousin killed in street)
Al Qaeda, Kuwaitis & Iranians “congratulate” Hurricane Katrina, and thank Allah
Faked atrocity on French television?

August 2005

Palestinians “to rename settlements after Arafat and Yassin”
Ariel Sharon should get the Nobel Prize, says Italian MP
Israeli army begins preparations for largest noncombat operation ever
“Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem,” says PA prime minister
If only a fraction of this number of reporters were covering Darfur...
Bill Gates to visit Israel (& Moshe Dayan’s eye patch for sale on eBay)
“The great hummus robbery” (& U.S. soldier from Florida becomes Iraqi Sheik)
“Mazal tov Beckham, you’re Jewish” (& World’s oldest living married couple)
Denmark’s leading paper: “We are all Israelis now” (& email us your fatwas)
Iran’s new President, sworn in today, praises “the art of martyrdom”
Blue vs. Orange in the Israeli war of the ribbons – even on wedding bouquets

July 2005

Egypt state TV blames Israel for Sinai bombings (& more on Mayor Livingstone)
Dilpazier Aslam, extremist member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, sacked by The Guardian
Shooting a Brazilian: Living with terror in London and Israel
London bomber traveled to Israel; Britain begins to “wake up” to reality of suicide bombing
Palestinian terrorist leader in Jenin appears in Reuters staff party video
The six golden rules when writing a New York Times editorial
Guardian staff journalist exposed as member of extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir
London bomber: He loved cricket and drove his Dad’s Mercedes
The London bombs: The BBC discovers “terrorism,” briefly
Gaza mosque & radio station welcome the “blessed acts” in London (& other reaction)
As bombs rock London, Bin Laden’s brother says he will pay for his defense
New Pope says he will visit a synagogue and pray in Hebrew
Growing bolder, Arab media begin to act in democratic way, but blocks remain
Outspoken Arab commentators lament anti-Israel & anti-U.S. lies

June 2005

The New York Times finally covers the Le Monde verdict
Jihad Warning: Is there a coming “Eurabian threat to the West”?
“My dream was to be a suicide bomber”
“Lies in the library” and Comic book controversy
Resend & update: Israeli leftists and centrists speak out against Gaza disengagement
Israeli leftists and centrists speak out against Gaza disengagement plan
A tale of two museums: (1) Arafat’s belongings (2) Arabs respecting the Holocaust
Le Monde “J’accuse” follow-up
Israeli scientists say they have found the root of sarcasm (& Ashkenazi “highest IQ”)
J’Accuse: Anti-Semitism at Le Monde and beyond
Senior role for pro-Nazi Parliamentarian (& Egypt blocks playwright)

May 2005

French court fines Le Monde journalists for “racist defamation” of Israel
AUT 3: 21 Nobel laureates urge British academics to end Israel boycott
Barcelona teachers’ training manual compares security barrier to Holocaust
Lebanon pulls out of tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest because an Israeli will sing
Media news 7: NPR’s Mideast coverage may be officially monitored (& NYT, WSJ)
AUT 2: British Mideast minister calls for resolution of Israel academic boycott
(1) IDF recruits Harley Davidsons; (2) 50,000 Germans sing for Israel
Media News 6: Irresponsible journalism costs lives (Newsweek and America)
German tennis club: Jews weren’t missed (& Egyptian ping-pong boycott)
Weblogs make a run for the mainstream as newspaper circulation falls
Theater critics compare Rachel Corrie to Primo Levi and Anne Frank
Palestinian Fatah officials send Happy Birthday greetings to Saddam Hussein
The historic sources of French hostility to Israel: A special report

April 2005

Al-Quds University in east Jerusalem criticizes UK academic boycott of Israel
Anti-Israel propaganda sells out on London stage
Jewish despair as Queen Elizabeth set to honor the BBC’s Orla Guerin
PA Chairman Abbas sends holiday greetings to “Jews everywhere”
Viagra ruled Kosher for Passover; and Gorillas keeping Kosher too
Iran bans Al-Jazeera (& note on the new pope’s stint in the Hitler youth)
Hamas’ leading bombmaker the star of a new Syrian-produced TV series
The liberation of Belsen: The BBC didn’t believe their own reporter
My Name is Rachel Corrie, Levy, Thaler, Levi, Gavish, Charhi, Shabo
New Zealand MP says he is sick of the Holocaust (& other items)
Khatami denies, but Assad admits, Katsav handshake at Pope’s funeral
Israeli Arab wins quiz on Zionism (& soccer update)
Iran says Pope was too close to “evil” Jews
A world record: 35,000 new stories on the Pope in 24 hours
Arab media coverage of Pope’s death infuriates Islamists

March 2005

Scoring goals against the “Israeli apartheid” myth
Teachers object to book showing Jewish children
Yassin home to be turned into a museum (& Canadian teachers praise terror)
Al-Jazeera to be launched in English in America
Putin to visit Israel – a first for Russia
Auschwitz awareness jumps sharply in the UK
Arafat killed by high tech laser attack
AP to offer two different leads for the same story
Attack on statue of “eternal leader Hafez Assad” blamed on Israel
Kofi Annan, Turkey updates
Annan bow at Arafat’s grave sparks outrage
World’s top soccer coach Jose Mourinho to visit Israel
Mein Kampf is a bestseller in Turkey for second month in a row
Kofi Annan to attend the re-opening of Yad Vashem
Ha’aretz interviews Asper on the future of the Jerusalem Post
Eichmann was dressed up in an El Al uniform (more on Peter Malkin)
“Better than James Bond” (The death of Peter Malkin)
The BBC admits “lack of balance” over “A family in mourning”

February 2005

“A family in mourning” (The BBC means the bomber’s)
Israeli woman wins Mrs. World; & Israel’s new bobsled team
YWCA says Israel is “just like Hitler”
Teheran bemused as France bans anti-Semitic Iranian TV station
“Patricia Roxborough,” the Mossad’s Christian superspy, buried in Israel
London’s mayor still refuses to apologize for “Nazi remark”
Humane portrayal of Palestinian suicide bombers at Berlin Film Festival
“Israel killed Hariri”: Latest Arab and Iranian conspiracy theory
Kuwaiti newspaper: “America being held hostage by the Jews”
Jerusalem Post co-owners now go to court in two continents
Now Palestinian parents ask: Were suicide attacks worth it?
Mithal al-Alousi: Paying a heavy price for recognizing Israel’s existence
How can Arabs influence the media in the west?
Reporting on Auschwitz: 2005 & 1942
Fans flock to Harry Potter’s grave in Israel & Coming soon: Arafat-Park
The struggle for control of “The Jerusalem Post” heats up
Israeli technology to bring Super Bowl to the world

January 2005

(3) Auschwitz, 60 years on: “Evil Too Great to Grasp – or Remember”
(2) Auschwitz, 60 years on: “Witnesses for the witnesses”
(1) Auschwitz, 60 years on: “My father was no longer there”
Tehran Times marks Holocaust Day by denying it happened
The New York Times and the Holocaust, and other items
Update: VW sues over fake suicide bomber ad
AFP, AP, CNN: Where the reporting stops
Spoof Volkswagen suicide bomber ad sparks global row
Further BBC misrepresentation of the Holocaust; & British government: 4m Jews died
Forgetting to mention the Jews: The BBC, Prince Harry, and the Holocaust
Latest conspiracy theory: “Mossad agents running ops inside the U.S.”
Latest myth: “Israelis to establish settlement in Turkey”
Abu Mazen and the Munich Olympics massacre (continued)
Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) and the Holocaust (continued)

December 2004

Tunisian accuses Arab world of “a deafening silence” on Darfur
Iranian TV: Israelis steal Palestinian children’s eyes
Nobel Peace laureate compares Israeli nukes to Nazi gas chambers
Ukraine’s poisoned Yushchenko to have Plastic Surgery in Israel
Outrage re (1) Hitler art near Dachau (2) Swastika flowers in Melbourne
CNN, BBC, Eurosport refuse to air Ron Arad campaign
Hamas admit BBC Gaza Correspondent is one of their own
“French Jewish doctor treated Arafat in Paris”
Zionists “secretly control” both Al-Jazeera and the National Geographic
Hamas art goes on display in Australia
“Stoned to death in France: Why Europe is starting to lose faith in Islam”
New poll: 51 per cent of Germans equate Israel with Nazis
Alan Rickman, Rachel Corrie, David Irving, and Robert Fisk
Julie Burchill follow-up; and “Great Britain stands indicted”

November 2004

The Sacramento Union stands by its criticism of Arafat
An evening to celebrate the life of Yasser Arafat: Dec 7, 2004 (& SOAS)
“My nation of heroes, my chosen people...” (& BBC complaints cover-up?)
Columbia University, “a Poison Ivy”
Examples of U.S. Media against the Israeli government and army
“They had lost their names” (and other items)
“Arafat as Moses.” Arafatmania
A partial list of some of Yasser Arafat's victims
Yasser Arafat, “the stuff of legends”
Former Guardian columnist: “There is a heaven. And its name is Israel”
Osama Bin Laden praises Robert Fisk (& other items)
Danish NGO helped fund yesterday's Tel Aviv suicide bomb
U.S. elections: “Will Jews still vote like Puerto Ricans used to?”

October 2004

English Queen (finally) to host Holocaust survivors (& other stories)
Operation Guardian and the U.S. elections (Part 2)
Operation Guardian (Part 1)
The “media intifada”: Is it running out of steam?
BBC “to ditch Reuters”?
Leading medical journal compares Israel to al Qaeda
The Jews are an “inferior race,” says Diana, 26, Budapest
Arab intellectual: It is time to stop blaming the Jews for 9/11 and Beslan

September 2004

Egypt bans Madonna after Israel visit
On bus bombs and bystanders
Iraq war leads Jewish voters to Kerry, poll finds (and other items)
The global head of Reuters news responds
France to show “Shoah” in schools (and other articles)
Moderate Muslims speak out; also warn “liberal Jews” to “wake-up”
Iraqi official wishes “shana tova” to the Israeli people
Madonna to celebrate Jewish New Year at Rachel’s Tomb
London convention will celebrate 9/11 (and other items)

August 2004

European Union funding and the Beersheva massacre
NY Times: Ariel Sharon “defining Israel’s boundaries and its very identity”
On the first day Israel was shunned, on the 12th it won gold
Sudan genocide 2: Where’s Sean Penn when you need him? Where’s the ISM?
Sudan genocide 1: Israel to blame, says Sudanese foreign minister
Israeli army to combat stress with cannabis (and other items)
New Zealand, France, Canada, Uzbekistan, Winston Churchill, & other items

July 2004

Explaining the Arab-Israeli conflict through numbers
Arafat’s greatest defender in the U.S., the NY Times, calls on him to go
Arab media: “Arafat should go”

June 2004

“For al-Qaeda maniacs, we are all Jews…”
BBC’s former Mideast correspondent: BBC is much too pro-Israel
The BBC conducts its very own Middle East foreign policy
The Intifada comes to an end?
How Arafat intimidates Palestinian journalists and deludes Western ones
Media news 5: Looking into the lens of Al Jazeera (and other items)
Media news 4: The IHT, An American In Paris (and other items)
Media news 3: Ex-Mossad chief to protect NBC in Athens (& other items)

May 2004

“Write your own Thomas Friedman column!”
Notes on Rafah: A biased media, but better than Jenin 2002
“Media buying into Palestinian lies over Gaza raid,” says IDF chief
Recommended new books; book reviews
“The Uncomfortable Question of Anti-Semitism”
The Modern “Hep! Hep! Hep!”
Gays attacked at Palestinian protest, and other items
Ma’ariv catches CNN exaggerating again, and other items
Media news 2: NY Times “appoints new Jerusalem bureau chief”
Media news 1: Liberal radio’s “bad jokes and worse taste”
Iraq 26: “This war is also about sex” (2) Kicking body parts of dead Jews
“Compared to the rest of the Mideast, Gaza is quiet”; Toska dies
Thousands mourn slain mother, girls
NY Times public editor: Paper wrong to say Yassin was a “spiritual leader”

April 2004

Schwarzenegger, Russell Crowe, Colin Powell, Robert Fisk, Mussolini, others
Backlash begins against ex-diplomats’ “poisonous views” on Iraq, Israel
BBC “goes bananas” with excitement as ex-ambassadors attacks Israel
Vanunu released: What nuke whistleblower doesn’t know scares Israel
Meshal 1: Hamas leader speaks at length to BBC
Rantissi 3: The Observer newspaper: Rantissi “loved children”
Rantissi 2: A minute’s silence by British MPs for Sheikh Yassin
Dr Abdel al-Rantissi, “the Pediatrician of Death,” in his own words
German version of Google removes “Jewwatch”; U.S. won’t
“Palestinian Imam planned to bomb Budapest Holocaust museum”
When should people stop supporting Israel?
Gibson’s “Passion” a hit in Beirut, Damascus, Kuwait, Ramallah
Yassin 2: “Spiritual brother of Osama bin Laden”
Yassin 1: Charming and Witty?
Iraq 25: “Iraqi Christians fear Muslim wrath”
Iraq 24: The NY Times and College Basketball

March 2004

(1) NPR: “Poisoning American Minds” (2) UK magazine: Israel as al Qaeda
The NY Times’ idea of democracy; the BBC’s idea of balance
Madrid 2: “The terrorists toppled a European government”
Nearly half British Muslims would become suicide bombers
Madrid 1: Does Bin Laden wish to reclaim “Occupied Spain”?
Iranians in Lebanon, including “lawyers”, “professors” throw rocks at Jews
Palestinian PM came close to winning Nobel Prize
What’s popcorn in Aramaic? (Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion”)
Lithuanian hoops team’s Nazi “prize”: Ten Jews to kill
Human rights groups and Islamic terrorism
(1) A Frenchman or a Jew? (2) British and Israeli MPs as Fagin

February 2004

The NY Times, Al Jazeera, and Holocaust distorters
Sweden 4: “The Crucifixion of Arafat”; Jews afraid to be Jews
The Saudi Separation Fence. (Also: Rumsfeld on Israel)
John Kerry’s family “hid Czech Jewish heritage just like Albright’s”
Google News and “Palestinian commandos”
Slightly improved coverage in NYT, IHT, Guardian (& other news)
France to ban “revolting” anti-Semitic TV broadcasts; and other reports

January 2004

Sharon and Hitler share space at Anne Frank house in Amsterdam
As edited by... “The International Herald Tribune”
For and against: the British MP who would be a suicide bomber
Sweden 3: Pro-Palestinian suicide bomber posters removed from subway stations
Sweden 2: The ambassador and the artist debate live on radio
Sweden 1: The killer as Snow White
The BBC’s Arab problem
Syria and the NY Times: Two Languages, Two Versions
Israeli army says goodbye to the Uzi; upgrades female combat soldiers
Palestinian women protest Chirac’s proposals

December 2003

“Saddam” a popular new name for babies born since his capture
“On the twelfth day of Christmas, Arik Sharon sent me...”
9/11: Palestinian terrorist “Abu Nidal trained Mohammed Atta in Baghdad”
Many Palestinians mark “black day” as Saddam is captured
The Guardian: More from Julie Burchill and others
Fury at French comic's “Heil Israel” jibe
Conflicting views on the “Geneva accords”

November 2003

European media and anti-Israel bias
The Guardian discovers modern anti-Semitism
“Cartoon of the Year” awarded to Sharon eating babies “blood libel” cartoon
Italians join Jews in solidarity Sabbath services
EU body shelves report on anti-Semitism
“Surge in German attacks on Jews”
World media reaction to Istanbul bombings
French banks refuse to clear Israeli checks
French schoolbook: “It was an exam day in the occupied West Bank”
French “help thwart UN resolution protecting Israeli children”
“The dangers of Fisking”
Article on “Jeningrad” and the British media
Poll shows 17 percent of Italians oppose Israel’s existence
Israeli cabinet minister compares Greek composer to Hitler
Singapore and India: Examining antisemitism in an honest way
Both Reuters and AP omit Israel from world terror victim lists
BBC: Fatah is funding Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades
CBS: Arafat transfers $100,000 a month to his wife in Paris
“A letter to Leah Rabin”
NY Times 2: More dove-loving terrorist profiles
NY Times 1: The infamous Walter Duranty
Jeremiah Duggan: it was “no suicide”
Antiglobalism’s Jewish Problem
Inquest opens tomorrow into the death of Jeremiah Duggan

October 2003

We’re all Israelis now, says Australian politician
Pan-European poll calls Israel the biggest threat to world peace
Iraq 23: “Another Vietnam? No,” says military expert
A world divided over “Mahathir’s charming message”
Dr. Mohamad’s fantasies, Islam and the Jews
“A visit to Oxford Street, London”
Malaysia apologizes after PM says “Jews rule world”
Iran 4: “Iran and Israel: best of enemies?”
Iran 3: Missing Israeli airman “in Tehran cell”
Iran 2: An “Imminent Threat to British Jews”
Iran 1: Nobel calling
Arafat reported seriously ill
Haifa 3: The Financial Times & British politicians compare Israel to the Nazis
Haifa 2: “Something was missing from the BBC news bulletins”
Haifa 1: Three generations wiped out in “slaughter of the families”: Did CNN notice?
Bombed Israeli bus to be exhibited in New York, and other stories

September 2003

Terrorist who killed baby released from prison two months ago
Terrorist shoots dead 7-month old girl during Rosh Hashanah meal
IMF: “Arafat diverted $900M to private account”
Celebrities fly in to salute Shimon Peres’s 80th birthday
Arab commentator: the “new anti-Semitism must be clearly denounced”
Second Jewish man murdered in Morocco since Thursday (and other items)
Palestinian columnist: Time to recognize Israel, at least for now
Auschwitz museum balks at Israeli flyover
Survey: 83% of Israelis satisfied with their lives
Israeli scientists make important lung cancer discovery
300,000 attend sixth annual Love Parade in Tel Aviv
Israeli and Palestinian children in Japan for football and friendship
World’s first Hasidic soap opera airs on Israeli TV
The problem with France

August 2003

Rantisi: “The False Holocaust – The Greatest of Lies” (and other items)
Arafat, the great con man of modern politics
A child goes to his grave
Hatred in the air: The BBC, Israel and anti-Semitism
“Orwell’s warning: The BBC is blind to its bias”
“Many dead and maimed” in Jerusalem terror attack
Up to 1400 Arab journalists rally to defend Zayed Center
UAE closes Zayed Center (“Harvard and the Holocaust” Follow-up)
The death of an Israeli teenager
Diet watermelons and memorial asteroids
Arnie opponent “has consistently defended terror groups”
Arnie and the Jews
Iraq 22: Iraqi shepherd takes Rumsfeld, Franks to court
Iraq 21: There are a terrible lot of lies going around the world

July 2003

Iraq 20: Tourism down in Baghdad (and up in Israel)
Iraq 19: The Associated Press now says Iraq forced out its Jews
Iraq 18: Deaths, threats, and allegations
Iraq 17: 99-year-old Iraqi Jew reaches Israel at last
Saudis to Host World Conference on Human Rights
“Saudi Arabia fingerprints all over 9/11”
Albeit reduced, the terror continues
Update: Many media still misreporting Road Map conditions
Palestinian TV last night: “Mohammed Ordered Muslims to Kill Jews”
“Palestinians confirm: There was no Jenin massacre”
“Hamas will now set the agenda”
Hamas Dot Com
Prisoner releases are not a part of the road map
News from Europe and Australia
Report on Washington Post “Bias”
UNESCO designates Tel Aviv as World Heritage Site, and other stories
Rutgers University to hold sessions on how to pressure Israel
Passover Bomb claims further victim, and other updates
Divisions over Oxford academic

June 2003

Success – AP corrects their wording on the “Hudna” (ceasefire)
AP misreports ceasefire declaration
Follow-up on the BBC and Oxford University
Israel breaks links with BBC in anger at “demonization”
Egypt bans “Matrix Reloaded”
Leon Uris, author of “Exodus,” dies aged 78
Harry Potter taught at Bar-Ilan University
Mein Kampf sequel to be published in English
An Englishman in Auschwitz and other Holocaust articles
Voice of Palestine justifies murder of 7 year old girl in Israel
“Fridge bomber” named special adviser to Arafat
“President Bush doesn’t have a clue,” American says
Hamas: We killed 16 “settlers”
Abu Mazen and the Holocaust
Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) and the Munich Olympics massacre
Harvard and the Holocaust

May 2003

Boy, 17, murdered for “looking like a Jew”
Road map 5: Abbas says Arafat still in charge
Road map 4: “A road map based in denial and wishful thinking”
Road map 3: “The value of the written or spoken word is worthless”
Road map 2: “This little sliver of land called Israel”
Casablanca 3: “What do these barbarians think they are doing?”
Casablanca 2: Jews ponder uncertain future
Real victims: Fifth suicide bombing in 48 hours in Israel
Terror in Morocco: Malaysian PM says Israel should be blamed
The Atlantic, June 2003: Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura?
Follow-up: BBC, Economist and others on “Jewish cabal”
Seinfeld, Norah Jones, lead Israel support parade
Senior British politician steps up attacks on “Jewish cabal”

April 2003

Road map to peace, or to war?
Iraq 16: Edward Said: “A Stupid War”
Iraq 15: CNN’s “propaganda flowed like wine” (Washington Times)
Iraq 14: CNN: “The news we kept to ourselves”
Iraq 13: An Iraqi writes: A personal view on the liberation of my country
Iraq 11: “Smiles and flowers for U.S. Marines in Baghdad”
Syria next?
Church of the Nativity: Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Straw excommunicated
British media under fire over Israel, Iraq

March 2003

Iraq 7: Weddings with Gas masks
Further attacks on young French Jews
Iraq 6: Stars and Gripes
Iraq 5: Views of Elie Wiesel, Jimmy Carter, Simon Wiesenthal & Winston Churchill
All The News That's Fit To Print? The NY Times and Israel
High school victims
BBC: How the Israelis have stolen Christmas
Saudi dictator tells Gadhafi “Your death awaits you”

February 2003

Arafat appears on “Forbes” world’s richest list
Egyptian government paper: “Talmud and Torah behind burning of Iraq”
Donkeys more important than Israelis, suggests American animal rights group
Unlikely partners: White supremacists ally with Moslem extremists
Israel Harel, “The man who made the Mossad”
Iraq 3: Iraq for the Iraqis
Iraq 2: Kurdish and Iranian victims and hopes
Iraq 1: Criticizing the antiwar marchers
British paper apologizes for citing Holocaust denier in anti-Israel piece
EU to finally investigate whether it’s funding Palestinian suicide attacks
Israel reacts with fury to Belgium decision

January 2003

Suicide bombers and professors
New record in 2002 for media obsession with Israel

December 2002

Mamet, Fonda, Ensler, Spielberg, Streisand: Hollywood and the Middle East
Not much joy at a Saudi Christmas
Not all children are equal: UN ignores Jewish Israeli child victims
Boycott of world-class Israeli scientists “could cost lives” elsewhere
Mr. Assad takes tea with the Queen
Columbia University “may offer Tom Paulin a permanent position”
Suicide bomber game tests the boundaries of taste
Madame Tussauds to remove Arafat making “V” for victory sign (& a Spanish MP speaks out for Israel)
Kenya bomb attacks: “Terror is terror”; & another excuse to slander Israel

November 2002

Mossad to track down those behind triple bomb attacks in Kenya
“Slaughter of innocents,” notices The Guardian and The Independent
Saudi paper: Paulin’s views on Jews are “repulsive”
Harvard reinvites Oxford’s Paulin; “Harvard Crimson” calls Paulin “ghastly, repulsive and sickening”
AP: the Muslim terrorists are “devout” while the 12 Jewish victims are “radical”
“Time Out” magazine launched in Tel Aviv, & the shame of “Fortune” magazine
Harvard withdraws its invitation to Tom Paulin
Developments in Palestinian terror strategy and thinking
Harvard invites Oxford academic who wants some Jews “shot dead”
Egyptian government defends the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as art
Israel “a nightmare that gives Jews a bad name,” & other election comment

October 2002

HRW: Suicide bombs against Israel are crimes against humanity
The BBC, olive groves, and the murder of teenage girls
German embassy in Israel to honor SS
Finally, The New York Times reports on Arab Anti-Semitism
The question of Palestinian refugees
“America in the dock”: myths and truth
Toronto Star, BBC, Washington Post and others hit back at bias claims
Bali backlash against the “lets blame Israel” sections of the media
Defying terror: “Experts say many Israelis show remarkable resilience”
More on the Bali bombings: outright anti-Semitic lies and good deeds
“UN paying disgraced Waldheim $125,000 per year”
The Bali disco difference: not all terror victims are treated equally
Israel has “won the Intifada”
At the Irish inn, “no Jews or dogs” allowed
NPR under fire
“Arabs, not Jews, driving Bush’s Iraq plans”

September 2002

Israelis operating in Iraq
Professor: Israel is the “mirror image of Nazism”
An Essay by Jack Schwartz: Why does Israel stir such passions?
In the U.S. & Canada too, “Hating Israel is part of campus culture”
Hamas: Barghouti is a traitor. Al-Aqsa: Amar is a traitor
Yom Kippur update: TV boss attacks his own station
On Yom Kippur, British TV screens a particularly harsh attack on Israel
The Guardian’s views on U.S. think tanks
The killing of Israelis, harassment of journalists by Arafat resumes
Barenboim would play for Arafat, Assad, not Sharon
Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu in the news
Danny Levin: September 11’s “first victim”
London to host “celebration of September 11”

August 2002

Rabbi’s anger will fuel terror, say critics
Israel set on tragic path, says UK chief rabbi
Memri responds to the Guardian
Jenin: The rush to judgment
Abu Nidal: was he colluding with the Saudis?
“With unyielding faith”: The EU and the Palestinian Authority
“Arafat’s a billionaire”
Dispatches from Europe: Prague, Moscow, Romania, Belgium
The Guardian attacks Memri
Goldenberg bows out
Gold for Israel, 30 years on from Munich
Hero of World Trade Center attack laid to rest in Israel
“Annihilate Hamas”
Bill Clinton: I’d die for Israel

July 2002

Einstein and other stories
Arafat’s missing millions
An anti-Israel Freudian slip in London
“What Occupation?”
Remembering Shiri, a particularly moving website
Their Kampf: Did Monica Lewinsky pave the way for 9/11?
The true Palestinian resistance?
Terrorism’s youngest victim, just moments old
LAX attack was “no isolated incident”
The anti-Semitic lies that threaten all of us
George W. Bush: Visionary or “someone stupid”?
Updates on Russian righteous gentile and on Oriana Fallaci
Dr Ruth and “Star Wars” Queen stand up for Israel

June 2002

Al Jazeera: Bomber was AIDS carrier
19 more kids dead on bus today: On Hamas and the meaning of “occupation”
The BBC, CNN and Chen Keinan
Jerry Seinfeld planning solidarity visit to Israel
Al Jazeera says Jews behind today’s massacre
A Double Thread
Israel & the anti-Semites: An essay from Commentary
Old habits die hard: The renewed anti-Semitism in historical context

May 2002

Are Reuters journalists transporting grenades for Palestinian terrorists?
Is the UN agency UNRWA complicit in Palestinian terrorism
Israelis not safe outside Planet Earth either
Lawyer takes on BBC over “bias”; The Guardian reflects
Edward Said and others on Israel
“We need a Palestinian Mandela”
Tragic twist in Netanya; Israeli family sues EU for Palestinian attack
Ehud Barak and others attack The New York Times’ reporting
Post-Post Zionism and the Israeli and European left
Jeningrad – What the British media said
Rishon Lezion: Real victims and false reports
“EU cash funded suicide bombers”
CNN & Saeb Erekat: “Why TV news loves a liar”
Massacres, non-massacres, and fake burials in Jenin
Lecturing about wicked Israel is now a must at Notting Hill dinner parties
Suicide-bomber Internet game awards points for killing
Egyptian Government daily newspaper: “If only Hitler had done the job”
British troops in 1938: The Real Massacre in Jenin

April 2002

“Italy’s Rushdie” – Oriana Fallaci gets death threats for speaking her mind
P.A. rewrites Jenin (AP, Boston Globe, LA Times, Ha’aretz)
Dennis Ross on the “Camp David myths” of the anti-Israel crowd
Israel, Rwanda, The Gestapo: A hypocritical world
Israel is “every bit as repellent” as Bin Laden, says The Guardian
Bethlehem at war: Makano and Takahashi take in the sights
Oriana Fallaci, Ron Rosenbaum, speak out on anti-Semitism
Gila Weiss, the nail polish on her toenails
Jenin: “The Massacre that wasn’t”
Contrasting editorials from the Sun, Independent and Evening Standard
Oxford University professor: Jews should be shot dead
Saudi government daily newspaper praises the Passover massacre
At least six dead at Tunisian synagogue blast
Magen David Adom appeals for funds
An open letter to the world, by a defiant Israeli
UN Ambassador loses niece
Dachau: Never Again?
Activist for Palestinian cause kills himself in Tokyo park (& other items)
Backs against the wall: Why Israel fights
Passover bombing toll reaches 25; Another Haifa victim dies
Yesterday Haifa, tomorrow who knows?
Steven Spielberg, Barbara Streisand, Philip Roth, Daniel Libeskind: Where are you?

March 2002

Sephardi Chief Rabbi: Arafat wants another Holocaust
Passover 2002: Attacks from Lyon to Netanya
Passover massacre bomber was on Israel’s wanted list
British ambassador tells Israelis how to polish their image
Articles on Arafat by Charles Krauthammer and George F. Will
Esther Klieman, a teacher for Downs Syndrome kids, & other victims of terror
Suicide bomber wept tears of joy when chosen for mission
German TV: Mohammed Al-Dura was killed by Palestinians
Terrorist confirms: Orders to kill Israeli civilians come from Arafat himself
“Almost everything you think you know about the Middle East is untrue”
At least 13 Israeli civilians killed in Jerusalem and Netanya
Egyptian columnist: Guantanamo Bay is the real Auschwitz
Bomber wipes out family, and Magen David Adom volunteer
The Media and the Middle East: The view from Jerusalem
Palestinians celebrate as 24 Israelis die in terror attacks

February 2002

Saudi writer: Palestinian Authority no longer credible
Rachel Thaler, 16, and other victims
Jews, Christians, Muslims save abandoned Palestinian baby
Terms of abuse: A black Britain denounces anti-Semitism
Benny Morris changes his tune
Serious allegations about the objectivity of NY Times Israel reporter
At least 3 dead in Pizzeria suicide bombing, 27 hospitalized
Former U.S. Consul Abington and an Israeli “wrote Arafat’s New York Times op-ed”
“Thanks to Hitler”, says Egyptian newspaper
The problem of Saudi Arabia: Time to face Mecca
Fragments, a Holocaust book fraud
(1) Arafat interviewed (2) Red Crescent ambulance delivers terrorist
Terrorism is stronger than democracy: A warning to Israel
Wada Idris: She’s no saint

January 2002

Egyptian government weekly: This great danger is the Jew
The Middle East media definition of a settler
The Guardian: “Anti-Semitic – whatever the intentions”
New York Twin Towers survivor injured in Jerusalem blast
Attack victim was survivor of 1929 Hebron Arab riots
Shots in Paris; bomb in Tel Aviv
“Menem took Iranian bribes in Jewish bombing” claim
Child finds bomb in Jerusalem overnight
“I almost killed a patient”: “Strange times for a Jerusalem Doctor”
Belgian politicians say Peres should be put on trial
“My camel ate the manifest” (& other excuses for the Karine A)
Estee Lauder and Harrods
Terrorist opens fire in downtown Jerusalem
The New Statesman’s racist slur
Bazooka Bubble gum’s new hero for kids: Yasser Arafat
France and England’s Jewish problem
Israel’s response to terror raid will come soon; attacker was from PA naval force
Bush beats Bin Laden to become second worst personality of 2001
BBC wins award for most dishonest reporting
Editorial: “Encourage the IDF to drain another ‘swamp of terror,’ Arafat and all”
Israel seizes massive haul of weapons

December 2001

Saudi government “Jewish hellish plan to take over the world”
Shoe bomb suspect took “dummy run” flight to Israel; El-Al checked his shoes
Christmas day killing; Israel claims Jordan under threat
“Jews persecute Arafat like they did Jesus”
Sari Nusseibeh: Right of return should be only to Palestinian state
The hate that dare not speak its name
“That shitty little country Israel”
Arafat calls for more “martyrs”
Renewed anti-Semitism in England since Sept. 11
Israel’s leading new historian appears to change his mind
Saudis airing anti-Semitic TV series for Ramadan
British opposition leader: BBC “gives legitimacy to Arab terrorists”
Kabul’s last two Jews celebrate Hannuka
Jerusalem bomb had rat poisoning
Suicide bombings justified, says Jerusalem Mufti
PA radio: U.S. flooding Israel with Afghani Jews
Ido Cohen, 17, succumbs to his wounds
Lebanese Christians face death for contacting Israel
In defense of fundamentalist Jews
Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg to light Hanukka candles in Jerusalem
Former Nobel Committee member: Revoke Arafat’s prize
Some facts you might not have seen in regular news reports
Grenade fired at building with El Al office in Bangkok
Today’s bomb at Jerusalem Hilton targeted government ministers
Palestinian Authority plans longer-range rocket
Intifada poetry: An appeal from Gilo
Bush freezes Hamas assets in U.S.
Searching for victims’ relatives abroad
Hizbullah MP’s praise the suicide attacks in Israel
In a rare move…
Palestinian school teachers celebrate
Bomber quit PA intelligence service to join Hamas two days before attack
Of the 10 Israeli dead, eight were teenagers and two were aged 20
Today’s suicide bombs followed by celebrations in Jenin
Three Jerusalem bombs

November 2001

The Wall Street Journal: Why Europe Hates Israel
Jewish leaders protest “unbearable” Berlin march plans
New suicide bomb; Celebrations in Jenin
BBC: September 11 attacks “not terrorism”

All notes and summaries in the dispatches, copyright © Tom Gross. All rights reserved.

Mideast Dispatch Archive

July 2017

My aunt had a dinner party, and then she took her guests to kill 180 Jews (& “Please look after this bear”)

June 2017

Women’s rights and ties with Israel likely to improve after “soft coup” in Riyadh
Trump: what kind of a BBC headline about an ISIS attack on Israel is this?
London’s Muslim mayor to consult Israel on fighting terror (& Never too late to say sorry)
Neither ‘losers,’ ‘nihilists,’ nor ‘sick cowards’ – but rather believers and idealists
Revealed: “Last Secret” of 1967 War: Israel’s doomsday plan for nuclear weapons display
“For the crime of self-preservation, Israel remains a nation unforgiven”
Norway, Denmark, UN, push back after PA pays over $1bn to terrorists (& “Love is Great. Britain”)

May 2017

In a first, Trump may fly directly from Saudi to Israel (& An unprecedented royal welcome)
New York Times writer makes furious attack on “preposterous” Haaretz
Video Dispatch 33: Bernie Sanders slams BDS on Al Jazeera (& Are you afraid of flying?) (& Yiddish in Mongolia)
Hamas’ “moderate rebranding” fools some media, while on the ground it becomes more militant
Revealed 50 years on: What Elie Wiesel wrote about the Six Day War (& “anti-Semitic UNESCO”)

April 2017

Significant differences between Trump’s and Obama’s Yom HaShoah messages
French Jews nervous by ‘anti-Semitic far-left’ surge (& Can Trump deliver two state solution?)
Rare respect in the UK for the victim of a Palestinian terror attack
The “activist” who organized a restaurant attack and the murder of girls at a bat mitzvah
Enforcing Obama’s red line (& The media has long covered up for Assad)
Incitement to murder Israelis displayed with Booking.com and supermarket bakery ads
Yet more calls to kill Jews at a “moderate” American-partnered university
“We call it diplomacy, minister” (and what would Churchill and Thatcher think?)

March 2017

Israeli warplanes hold joint exercise with UAE (& “Mossad turned French spies into double agents”)
Israeli-American teen arrested for wave of bomb threats against U.S. Jews (& “Tomb of Jesus reopens”)
“The Israelization of anti-Semitism” (& Turkish anti-Semitism during Dutch protests)
Saudi media claim: “Hamas moves closer to approving 1967 borders” (& 400,000 Turks threat)
Saudi police beat transgender women to death (& Israelis go to the funeral of a woman they never met)

February 2017

350 percent increase in Israeli female combat troops (& Iraq’s hipsters declare war on poor dress sense)
With foreign policy, is Trump playing a classic game of good cop, bad cop?
Trump firmly condemns anti-Semitism (& EU-trained guards caught whipping Africans)
“Saying ‘We invented the cellphone and have a great record on gays’ doesn’t explain Jewish rights to live in Hebron”
Japan $27b, Israel $3b: Dispelling the myth that Israel is the largest beneficiary of US military aid
Former Huffington Post and Al Jazeera writer: I’ve changed my mind on a Palestinian state
Saudi Journalist: The Palestinians are no longer our primary concern (& Assad welcome, Trump not?)
How Israel’s tech firms are quietly doing business in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states
Kuwait bans citizens of 5 Arab states (& Obama’s ambassador supports Jerusalem embassy move)

January 2017

“In Spain he is known as El Coco, a ghost with a pumpkin head”
“It happens nearly every night” (& Israel to take in 100 Syrian orphans)
Art lover Angela Merkel, alternate facts, & shamefully misusing Anne Frank
Leaders in Middle East and beyond say they are ‘optimistic’ about Trump’s rule
Ahead of Paris conference, Fatah and Hamas hold rallies to celebrate murder of young Israelis
Showing solidarity at the Brandenburg Gate this evening
Rafsanjani, the western media’s mythical ‘moderate’ (& US approves huge uranium transfer to Iran)
Five young victims (& the UN’s surprisingly strong condemnation)
“It’s only three days to the beheading and I’ve got no idea what to wear”

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